Conservatives raised more than the Libs & the even more socialist NDP, last quarter.

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The Article

Once again, figures just released yesterday show that the Conservative Party of Canada has outdone their (even more) progressive opposition in second-quarter fundraising. And once again, they’ve beaten the competition, combined (“combined” is just a fun word I add to the end of a sentence when I’m glad it’s true, as I am).

The Conservatives raised nearly $5 million from over 30,000 donors, compared to nearly $3 million from 38,000 Liberal donors, and nearly $1.4 million from a mere 19,000 of Canada’s full-on socialist NDP donors.

The NDP frames it up in their latest of their insatiable money-seeking emails to me and what they presume to all be their other fans, whom they address as “friends,” but which in reality I, for one, am obviously not, because I don’t give them money.

Today’s email was benign.


The official fundraising numbers for our second quarter are in – here’s what you should know:

  • Between April 1st and June 30th, 18,846 people donated to Canada’s New Democrats – that’s incredible. Thank you for making this quarter such a great success.
  • Supporters like you made more than 35,000 total donations in only 12 weeks.
  • We are focused on building the most effective ground game in our Party’s history. We set big goals – and we’ll need to meet them in every quarter between now and the next election. This quarter, we beat our goal and raised over $1.4 million toward our grassroots campaign.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is – we were outdone by Stephen Harper’s Conservatives. They outraised us, banking just under $5 million in the second quarter alone.

This isn’t a huge surprise, but it’s still tough to take – and we have to work every day to close the gap before the Conservatives pull too far ahead. […]

But as judged by the tone they use about the likes of me in other emails, I am actually the opposite of a “friend” to them. In fact I am an enemy. Now, in fairness, they are the political enemy to me, but I’m not running for office, see? To them, and they are running, I’m apparently fit to be cleansed of my Canadian-ness  —   divided-off  —  Canadian tho I am  —  and I am summarily seen by them as some sort of a pariah. “Deep-pocketed,” and somehow dirty. (I actually laugh at them  —  I’m not as insulted as they hope, and by behaving this way, they’re only dividing themselves from Canada and regular Canadians, in reality).

In today’s email, at least they didn’t imply, as they did recently, that they were the only party who raised money from “individual Canadians,” which was a dishonest assertion, on every level  —  an outright lie, actually. I still don’t know if what they’re saying is that it’s not individuals who donate to the Conservatives, or that if they do, they’re not “Canadians,” and moreover, “like you.” Here’s a bit from my recent post about their previous emails:

NDP-1C“Unlike the Conservatives, our support comes from individual Canadians like you.”

“Unlike the Conservatives?” Really?

The truth  —  the facts  —  the science  —  is actually that far, far more “individual Canadians” gave money to the Conservatives than the NDP. Like 50% more “individual Canadians.” So yeah, I guess in that way, they’re “unlike the Conservatives.” But not in a good way  —  at least to them.

But the sneering at fellow Canadians doesn’t start or stop there. You can actually hear it every day via their CBC media division, but here’s some other examples from my previous post about their emails:

NDP-1C“With the help of well-connected insiders and big corporate donors, the Conservatives don’t have trouble raising a lot of money.”

Here’s some other language used in emails to me in the past few days:

NDP-1C“New Democrats do things differently. We rely on the support of hard-working Canadians – one grassroots donation at a time.

Corporate donations are illegal. So, care to elaborate, NDP? Didn’t think so. You certainly don’t want to pull on that thread, hello public sector unions and your various and sundry “sponsorships” and “supports” for the NDP.

They also refer to Conservatives as a bunch of “deep-pocketed” folks. And by the way, only to a bunch of socialists does the term “deep pockets” mean something so negative. Except in the context of public-sector union workers and their sumptuous fur-lined, deep pockets.

And stating that “Conservatives don’t have trouble raising a lot of money” is (a) BS, and (b) cast by them as being somehow nefarious  —  like it’s (a) a bad thing and (b) due to some kind of dumb-ass luck, or something. But it actually just points to the Conservatives’ smart, hard work, and sorry NDP, but to their popularity. (And actually, no, I’m not sorry. I take that back.) Granted, this is not good news for the NDP and its political ambitions, but these folks (Conservatives) are Canadians too, the last time I checked. So why castigate them and cast aspersions on them like that? There goes any conversion! Maybe I should be glad they’re so ridiculous.

Their whole m.o. seems to be divisive and condescending and nearly insulting, unless you’re one of them. They need to remember that they’re running for public office, to represent not just their supporters but all Canadians, and to lead our entire country. They aught to show their greatest respect to all Canadians. Thery need to remember that, in other words, they should not be at all like their hero Barack Obama, whom they so often seem to try to replicate (even stealing their hero’s “war on women” B.S., his class warfare, his phoney and insulting catcalls of “racist” and “homophobe,” and other divisive canards).

And by the way, during just this latest quarter, I hung up on the Conservative Party (politely) at least once, and didn’t answer their phone calls to me a thousand other times, as I’m sure thousands of other actual conservatives did, and didn’t. So it was hardly “no trouble” for the Conservatives to raise cash. Especially from actual conservatives. They’re just better, smarter, more popular than the NDP. So own it, NDP.

All in all, what a load of dishonest crap from the NDP  —  “official opposition.”

Here’s a pro tip to the socialists at the NDP fundraising HQ: I think if you want to be a successful party and lead a successful campaign where you convert voters to your cause, and ultimately lead a successful, united country  —  which is my country as much as yours  —  you better start from a place of honesty and integrity, and not just with your own support base but all Canadians. Stop creating false Obama-like divisions, Obama-like animosity between Canadians, and Obama-like hatred toward what we all recognize as success. And stop disrespecting and insulting and being so condescending toward half of Canada. Stop being hypocrites. Practice what you preach: be “tolerant” and “inclusive” of your countrymen.

Oh I’ll still see you and treat you like the enemy. Because you are. But you shouldn’t do that. So at least fake it. You do know how to fake it.

You’re welcome.

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