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Here we go again, Joel.

In a way they make it too easy….



It really bugs me that a media reporter is taking this up rather than a left-wing MP, who would normally be all over the Conservative government for this sort of thing, and whose indignation would be reported on by the state-owned CBC all day long, for weeks or months —-  until it was resolved — with sixteen interviews daily from reliably Marxist university professors and of course comments from Libby Davies, Bare-Ass Bob Rae, the constantly outraged Ralph Goodale, and naturally some socialist Bloc Quebecois ass. 

The left are literally being complicit in and endorsing the CBC’s obfuscatory actions.

And that’s half the news story, here.  The media are all missing their chance to write about it.  And so they’re complicit too. 

It’s corruption all around. 

This is but one of the dangers of allowing media and state to mix.  And it should be illegal. There should be a separation of media and state — it’s the most dangerous mixture there is in a modern free democracy. 

State-owned media should be banned in this country and that notion enshrined in our constitution.

Here’s what the Conservative “Heritage” minister James Moore (to whom the CBC reports!)  had to say about the CBC advertising its accountability, as quoted here in the Vancouver Sun:

Asked Thursday about the CBC’s new transparency project and the newspaper ads promoting it, Moore said: “They’re being criticized for not being accountable, and if they choose to respond in whatever way they choose to, they can choose to respond.”

He added: “The CBC is accountable and responsible for how they spend their money. And they can defend their own ads if they want to.”

OK.  Whaaaaat?!

That’s what the minister in charge of the CBC says about it.  The minister in charge of the CBC.  He’s in charge.  It’s his responsibility.  He’s ultimately in charge.  “They can do what they want”.  Or “yeah, whatever”. 

So we understand each other?

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