Freedom is their cup of tea

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The Article

In my last column, I suggested the likely result of the recent U.S. mid-term elections might be gridlock in government, and that many Americans view favourably such a political stalemate in Washington.

Such an idea is, of course, alien to Canadians and Europeans alike. But America is a republican democracy, and its ideal is equality of citizens in freedom.

This republican ideal remains sufficiently strong, despite corruption of institutions and erosion of values. It can still motivate enough Americans to mount a defence of their individual freedom against the capriciousness of an ideologically expansive and intrusive government.

Many Americans who are so motivated came together as the Tea Party movement, and their votes made the difference in who got elected. Many are independent voters, and reluctant to be identified as partisan members of either of the two main political parties.

We are undoubtedly going to see and hear more about the Tea Party movement over the next two years. And since the mainstream media leans more heavily towards the left, is more supportive of the Democrats and President Barack Hussein Obama in the White House, it will work overtime to present the Tea Party movement negatively.

What indeed grates upon the mainstream media and unsettles the left is the patriotism of the Tea Party enthusiasts, and their refusal to heed those many voices of the so-called sophisticated intellectuals in New York and Los Angeles who deride America

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