Like Gran Torino, but it’s Canada; Canadian yells “get off my lawn”, but being Canada, is arrested.

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The Article

“Gran torino” literally translated from Italian means “large bull”.  So this is a case of typically Canadian gran torino crap.  Or it’s “gran” northern idiocy

My gun rights go-to gal Katey Montague wrote this heads-up regarding the case of Lawrence Manzer and his insane arrest by the RCMP this week, in her latest (excellent) weekly gun rights newsletter

The story (read NatPo article here) infuriates me. 

We need to change (back) our anti-gun, anti-freedom, anti-family, anti-rights laws to recognize what was, is, and always will be our inalienable God-given right to defend ourselves and our families and communities as we see fit as reasonable people, from whatever threat we as sensible folks deem exists. 

Like we used to be able to do before violence in our communities skyrocketed; before big, authoritarian, nanny-state progressive governments “transferred” that right, from us, in complete contempt for what remains our inalienable (see, it’s God-given) right to defend ourselves.  And they ceded it to themselves exclusively. 

It’s not working out.

I love the movie Gran Torino, where we hear Clint Eastwood’s famous line “GET OFF MY LAWN”.  This clip erases the fury that I had a moment ago because it reminds me that there is a last best hope — a country where God-given rights are still recognized and are still assiduously protected by the people.  (They’re inalienable, see?)  Maybe we’ll regain our composure someday, snap out of our obsequious bootlicking of progressives and their nanny-state idiocy, and see the value in their better ways. 

Rent this DVD if you haven’t seen the movie. 


New York Times links to this blog entry.  Extra, extra….


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