I once again put my dirty coffee cup on this ad this morning out of disdain for the Sovietness I found myself in.  I did this not a week ago (“Gov wants you to watch their politics/news/media shows instead of the citizens’ stations”).  I’ll ask the same questions again with one additional one at the end:

State-owned media advertises to compete against citizens.And is this a core function of government now?  To provide “entertainment” for the people of the country?  What kind of government competes against its own citizens in business for profits?  Especially in the forum of ideas, and politics, and news generally?  And entertainment? 

Not one that values freedom.  Not one that values small government, and not one that is concerned about the intrusion of ever-growing government into the lives of a less and less free and democratic people.  Nor one that favors private enterprise and free-markets and capitalism as a general matter.

Additional question:  How the hell much taxpayer cash is all this massive half-page advertising costing taxpayers in this time of deep recession and historically massive debt?  When businesses and folks are going bankrupt left, right, and center. 

So you make the call.  Are you going to nurture this kind of third-world socialist crap?  Are you going to keep tacitly voting for this with your patronage, your viewership, or your consumer dollars — (leaving aside the giant gorilla-sized question of your tax dollars)?

Watch CTV’s or Global’s shows, which are private citizen-owned network’s shows, and which are forced to compete against the state and its state-owned politics-advocacy and news shows. 

And vote for people who are on your side.  On the side of Canada.

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