This is what a “conservative” government does in Canada?  Imagine what a government led by the the you’ve got to be kidding party would do.

So let’s just cut through the BS and be clear:  this is not what a conservative government does.  This is what progressive governments do, not conservative governments. 

Clement announces $300M for aerospace project News Staff
Date: Monday Dec. 13, 2010 10:23 AM ET

Industry Minister Tony Clement announced a $300 million investment in a massive aerospace industry project on Monday, saying it will create thousands of jobs in the Greater Toronto Area.

The money will go to Pratt and Whitney Canada as part of a $1 billion engine research and development project, Clement said.

“The government’s $300 million repayable investment is expected to create and maintain an average of 700 highly skilled jobs during the project work phase and more than 2,000 jobs during the 15-year benefits phase,” he said during the announcement at the plant.

“Project work phase” … “benefits phase” … what does that even mean?  Look — it’s 700 Toronto JOBS:  That works out to $428,571.00 per job.  Personally, I can’t afford it.  And I like to invest my own money (what’s left after the government taxes me) by myself, and on the things that interest me and that I see as important and worthwhile and solid business ventures; and not usually based solely on how many jobs are created in Toronto.  But somebody in the government who thinks he knows more than me and every Canadian thinks.  Canadians would be scrambling to invest their money in that venture if it were actually a good investment).  My money and all our money shouldn’t risked on business/political ventures on our behalf by our government who takes our money.  What kind of a government does that?  I insist you answer.

This is pathologically progressive

The first hint of trouble in the story is in the first two words of the story —and by that I mean the story of Canada in addition to the news story as written.  It’s the words “Industry Minister.”

A Pratt and Whitney executive actually refuted the “700 jobs” figure, and, according to the CBC, said it was more like 200, actually.  That would make it $1.5 MILLION per job.  The rest of the jobs are just jobs that will be “maintained”.  Yes “maintained.”  That fits within the government’s “stimulus” narrative, in which the government promised they would “create or save” countless millions of jobs.  So it’s a load of progressive crap piled onto another load of progressive crap. 

And it’s your money. 

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More Pratt & Witney Welfare

TORONTO: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) today expressed its opposition to the latest federal government handout to Pratt & Witney Canada Corporation of another $300 million. CTF federal director Kevin Gaudet, attacked the subsidy saying,

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