British MP who knows a thing or two puts French-hyphen-Canadian Lib MP Stephane Dion in his place

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The Article

It’s time for mindless, politically correct, terrorist-appeasing, post-modern liberals in Canada to snap out of it.  Just as the theocratic/fascist Holocaust-denier dictatorship in Iran is holding a big farcical conference this week in Tehran debating the historical fact of the Holocaust, liberals in Canada need to end their farcical, never-ending global terrorism-denial chit-chat and get on with the serious job at hand, to wit: getting on-side, grabbing some common sense and some cojones, and fighting the damn war. 

It’s time for many in Canada to rally behind our country and our way of life for once, and to join the rest of us (almost universally on the right) who are awake and alert in this reality called the global war on terror; and it’s time for us to start vigorously rallying against all those pantywaist pacifist un-Canadian liberals who are literally preparing for our national defeat, and the defeat of our way of life and possibly even our civilization as we know it.  Those who don’t believe those things are at risk are literally tempting fate—on your behalf and mine—and that’s an abominably horrible, treasonous national strategy. 

Any politician who isn’t willing to fight for our country and our security, and our way of life and traditions and heritage; and our noble ideals which include freedom and democracy and helping those nations under the grip of terrorist rule or under tyrannical dictatorships who can’t help themselves; and which also includes fighting those ideological fanatics—Islamofascist terrorists who ultimately seek our demise—should be ousted from office forthwith.  That includes Liberals like Stéphane Dion and extreme liberal-leftist socialists like Jack Layton and all his you’ve got to be kidding party automaton minions who seem to get their inspiration from such ignoble brain trusts as the Michael Moore and Cindy Sheehan moonbat cabal. 

Maybe they need a little help.  Many smart people, including Kim Howells, Britain’s minister of state for foreign and commonwealth affairs—a politician from the liberal-left— think so and attempted to say so yesterday, and others are catching on. 

British minister blasts Dion on Afghanistan


OTTAWA – Britain’s Foreign Office minister on Monday blasted new Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion for calling for the early withdrawal of Canadian troops from Afghanistan, saying reluctant NATO allies need to “get real” about the threats posed there by terrorists.

Kim Howells, Britain’s minister of state for foreign and commonwealth affairs, dismissed Dion’s proposition he would try to negotiate an early end to Canada’s commitment of troops to Afghanistan. Dion told the Ottawa Citizen in an interview last month Canada should negotiate the withdrawal of its troops “with honour” from Afghanistan before the expiry of the government’s commitment in 2009 because the mission is not working.

“I’m not sure what withdrawing with honour would mean from Afghanistan quite frankly,” Howells said after giving a speech at Foreign Affairs headquarters in Ottawa. “It seems to me the most honourable course would be to see that fight through,” he added. “Because, believe me, al-Qaida won’t withdraw with honour, they’ll move into any vacuum that’s left.”

Dion voted against the two-year extension of the Afghanistan mission earlier this year and has accused Prime Minister Stephen Harper of blackmailing Parliament by forcing the vote on short notice. […]

Once again, let me put this out there:  This web site fully supports the war on terror and specifically and unequivocally the American war effort in Iraq and Afghanistan and anywhere else the war on terror and tyrannical hateful anti-western terrorist-appeasing dictatorships roost.  This web site fully supports Canada’s involvement and encourages more nations to similarly support the cause.  I fully support U.S. President George W. Bush and his doctrine for peace and democracy and security and protecting the western way of life.  I believe Canada should shed its politically-correct idiotarianism upon which the Islamofascist terrorists so rely for their ultimate victory, and that we should therefore be fighting in Iraq alongside other western nations and helping to finally secure victory there. 

Nobody should vote for any liberal until they make an unequivocal stand for Canada and all our grand and noble ideals as I laid-out above, instead of shirking away from them like the loathsome pantywaists that most liberals have become.

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