Big Ignatieff media garden parties at official opposition rez: rents $1500 “Taj Mahal” porta-potty

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The Article

Of course to stink up this crappy story in the exact same manner the liberals and other further leftists and their media help them do with regard to the enormous “fake lake”, um “—Gate”, uh, story, which is apparently the biggest news story of the freaking century (reported with ever so much intellectual honesty and integrity), IGnatieff’s porta-potty didn’t merely cost $1500 —it cost $2.5 MILLION.  You see, you have to include the cost of the state-owned CBC division of the liberal-left telling the story on their state-owned CBC news channel, approximately 800 times per day —you know —like they have diarrhea of the political anti-Conservative mind and mouth.  For days on end (by which I do of course mean mean telling the story out their enormous rear ends).  National broadcasting costs taxpayers a butt load, as we know.

**QUICK UPDATE** — Hang on!  I see CBC has opted to cut costs to taxpayers, and has decided not to report this story at all.  That saves on toilet paper too! 

I loved QMI’s write-up on it this morning. 

Ignatieff rents Taj Mahal of toilets
By Elizabeth Thompson, Parliamentary Bureau

OTTAWA – He has been dumping on the government, accusing it of extravagance and waste.

However, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff appears to be flush with cash this week, renting Ottawa’s most luxurious porta-potty.

Instead of the usual hold-your-nose plastic cubicles, members of the media and Ignatieff’s caucus attending a garden party Wednesday were surprised to find the Taj Mahal of portable toilets with granite countertops, wood paneling and almond-scented hand soap. …

I find it appropriate that their hands will smell like nuts after using the “Taj Mahal”.  But the “Taj Mahal”, huh?  Ever the multi-culti butt kisser, that Ignatieff.  But he might have tried something more Canadian.  Perhaps the”Poopy Puffin” model instead.  You remember the Puffin story don’t you?  That was the one the media put on page 114 one Friday afternoon, when Michael Ignatieff declared that one of the important things for Canada and its “natural governing party —the Liberals”, at this time in our nation’s history, was to consider an official Liberal Party birdy to symbolize the party. Which he decided should be a Puffin.  He explained:  “They put their excrement in one place. They hide their excrement …”

I sh*t you not.  He actually said that. 

While hobnobbing over pâté de foie gras, and cheesy French pastries and smart cocktails —  possibly something Arab — the media and Liberals discussed the awful Harper neo-cons and their terrible decision to blow all that taxpayer cash on a fake lake at the massive G-8/G-20’s media center at which the government is trying to boost Canada, rather than pure crap.  And then they collectively blew farts, after which they bought carbon offset credits at the booth beside the Taj Mahal.

Lord Ignatieff of Poodom is holding no less than THREE garden parties this week:  one for the media and Liberal Party caucus, one for elite Laurier Club Liberal Party donors, and one for the Liberal’s staff.

What a load.

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