Best Buy & Future Shop cancel “Christmas”: employee

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The Article

I said Best Buy / Future Shop have “cancelled” “Christmas” but of course they haven’t, and couldn’t even if they wanted to.  They just want to make all the cash they can from that, um, event—that season of giving, or as they call it at Best Buy, the “wow” season, while not calling it Christmas, and I imagine they hope you’ll stop calling it Christmas too.  Feel the love! 

I have exchanged a few emails with a Best Buy / Future Shop employee who joins me in lamenting the stores, businesses, governments, and so on that have decided to make the terrible decision—the mistake (on every level)—of obliterating the word Christmas from their lexicon, and he has supported me with my annual PTBC Christmas Fame and Shame List

Banning the word “Christmas” from one’s lexicon

is a fine thing to do

is something odd to do on a personal level if you’re an atheist, a liberal-left secular-progressive radical of some kind, or an extremely aggressive anti-Christmas boor and a lout.  But this e-mailer provides anecdotal evidence that it is happening in Canada on an official corporate level at Best Buy and Future Shop (same owner), with that agenda being imposed on all employees—even at the risk of their employment.

They’ve been on the SHAME side of our list this year and in previous years for their tactic of using every word but Christmas in their flyers, in their effort to get Canadians to spend their cash—or use credit—at their stores to buy electronic trinkets and other things that we often can’t afford. 

Here’s his rather shocking email to me, which if you’re anything like me, sounds an awful lot like some kind of Orwellian horror flick. 

Joel:  Remember how I said I work for Best Buy/Future Shop?  Well have I got some news for you. Today I was monitored for an e-mail I sent to a customer. I had told the customer “Merry Christmas” at the end of the e-mail. The customer had told me that they were buying “Christmas gifts”. Then, in my monitor, I LOST POINTS because I was not supposed to say Merry Christmas to any customers, regardless of what they say to me. I AM PROHIBITED FROM SAYING THE WORD CHRISTMAS IN ALL CUSTOMER CORRESPONDENCE. Thought I’d let you know this, and I hope you can feature it prominently on the website. This is from order from our corporate headquarters. We really need Canadians to start fighting this.

Again, I said Best Buy / Future Shop have “cancelled” “Christmas” in my headline but of course they haven’t, and couldn’t even if they wanted to.  Thank God.  Whatever agenda Best Buy and Future Shop owners and managers are about, and I have no idea what they are about, they can’t change history, or facts.  It is CHRISTMAS.  Christmas is an official, government-sanctioned, national holiday, with historic and traditional and Canadian foundation roots to boot.  And so I really doubt you can dock “points” off an employee’s record and risk his or her employment for wishing someone a “merry Christmas”. 

The holiday is called Christmas.  Celebrate it any way you want… but it’s still called Christmas. 

Shop elsewhere. And merry Christmas.


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