As per my previous blog entry re the picking of “beans” as a part of my vacation relaxation…

Done.  Beans picked. 

Holiday continues.

Here’s a picture of me at the site of the alleged “beans”.  Note the “dirt” beneath my feet, and the fact that I’m “outside”.  There’s “organic” stuff growing all around me, and “nature”.  Not a computer near me anywhere, or a politician.  There was a lot of B.S., however, as well as pigs feeding at the trough, so I felt right as if I was at work in many ways. 

site of bean picking

Notice I’m wearing an Australian-style hat, which I bought at the fabulous American Costco store.  The hat was made in China.  Why?  Because, of course, we lack the technology in this country.

Bean 'blanching'This next part came as quite a surprise to me though:  Bean “blanching”.  Click the thumbnail to see the full-size photo of the process in action.  It’s not enough that you have to spend 10-15 dollars in gas to manually pick beans in the hot sun, but when you get home, you have to fire up the gas range in 80 degree weather, and “blanch” them, adding to the expense, then put them into Glad Freezer Bags (made in America because… we lack the technology in this country).  By the time we were done, each bean cost us approximately $18.37, including copious taxes on gasoline and natural gas, plus the PST and GST on the Glad Freezer Bags.  We paid for it using after-tax dollars. 


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