Most Americans – the vast majority—believe that God had at least some part in the creation of life.  What me and others are finding nearly as startling is the fact that it’s hard to find any of this story in the liberal mainstream media.  OK—-not “startling” as much as “totally predictable” and very telling. reported last night:

[…] The [latest USA Today/CNN/Gallup Poll] poll also shows a distinct educational bias towards the atheistic view that God could have had nothing to do with the creation of life. This supports complaints by many that most institutions of higher learning are heavily biased against any religious understanding of the origins of life.

The poll says that although only 12% believe in the “random selection” theory of extreme Darwinism, college graduates are twice as likely as those with only a high school diploma to accept the natural-selection theory of evolution.

The poll was made public at a moment in the US where proponents of Intelligent Design theory – one that proposes the great complexity of the order of creation as evidence for an intelligent mind behind it — have been fighting for a reasonable footing in a public school system dedicated to the atheistic bias of pure Darwinism. came up with a figure of 88% of the US population that believes God had at least some hand in the creation of life, but Exile, a veteran reader and Forum regular here with whom most of you are familiar, took issue with that figure because it didn’t quite square with the poll numbers and other stories in, for example, a Taiwan newspaper.  He found they were touting the figure of 53% instead, which is rather misleading. 

Here’s their take on it:

The latest USA Today/CNN/Gallup Poll says that a majority of Americans, 53 percent, believe that God created human beings in their present form exactly as described in the Bible. Man, from the dust of the earth. Woman, from man’s rib.

A scant 12 percent think that human beings evolved without an assist from God. The rest seem to choose some sort of middle ground, giving God a supporting role in an evolutionary process that’s gone on for millions of years.

So he looked further and found the actual poll figures, here, at USA Today:

Which statement comes closest to your views?

God created human beings in their present form exactly as described in the Bible

All: 53%
Men: 45%
Women: 60%

18-29: 54%
30-49: 50%
50-64: 50%
65 and older: 60%

By income level
$75K and up: 37%
$50K-$74.9K: 51%
$30K-$49.9K: 56%
Under 20K: 70%

By religion
Catholic: 38%
Protestant: 66%
Non-Christian: 15%
None: 16%

Human beings have evolved over millions of years from other forms of life, and God guided this process.

All: 31%
Men: 34%
Women: 29%

18-29: 27%
30-49: 38%
50-64: 32%
65 and older: 20%

By income level
$75K and up: 41%
$50K-$74.9K: 31%
$30K-$49.9K: 22%
Under 20K: 19%

By religion
Catholic: 50%
Protestant: 25%
Non-Christian: 31%
None: 29%

Human beings have evolved, but God had no part in the process.

All: 12%
Men: 17%
Women: 8%

18-29: 17%
30-49: 10%
50-64: 15%
65 and older: 11%

By income level
$75K and up: 29%
$50K-$74.9K: 12%
$30K-$49.9K: 11%
Under 20K: 4%

By religion
Catholic: 10%
Protestant: 6%
Non-Christian: 47%
None: 48%

Source: USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup telephone survey of 1,005 on Sept. 8-11. Margin of error +/- 3 percentage points.

Exile figured out the discrepancy as follows, from yet another article:

God created human beings 53%
God guided this process. 31%

53 + 31 = 84 took this number – God had no part 12%

100 – 12 = 88

They added in the 4% No response. 

He added, jokingly, “Skewed Data! BIAS!,” mimicking the knee-jerk reaction liberals would scream forth if they found such a discrepancy, simply to discredit the findings in any scurrilous way they could. 

What we didn’t originally anticipate, though, through our late-night electronic chat last night while trying to sort this all out, was the almost complete lack of media coverage about this poll.  We couldn’t even find it on CNN—one of the organizations that commissioned the poll.

Anyway we’re going with a figure of 84%.  But whether the figure is 84% or 53% I think it’s still astonishing.  And it should give lots of people pause.  Among those lucky enough to get the information, that is.

It’s not always what the liberal media tells you that is so scandalously biased, but what they omit and don’t tell you.

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