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It’s the “news!”


I cannot even remotely find even a partially reasonable explanation for liberalvision choosing to push this screed called “Assault on Reason” written by Al Gore, American liberal; and not promoting, say, just for example, one of Canada’s greatest writers, Mark Steyn and his “America Alone”.  But promote it they did.  In the “news”.  On a channel called “CTV Newsnet”.  In Canada.  Just now.

This editorial choice simply and ironically defies reason.  And logic, and fairness, and balance, and any semblance of being pro-Canadian, and so much more.  Unless we remember that the CTV might very well be pathologically agenda-driven.  So in fact it’s perfectly predictable.  It’s an assault on reason, but all the same, this is perfectly predictable.

Just like it took good (conservative) pro-Canadians (me and my wife) to have thought of registering a web site called “ProudToBeCanadian”, a few years ago, and were able to simply because no liberal even thought of doing it first, it takes a conservative pro-Canadian (me) to promote a hugely successful and fantastic book written by a good Canadian, which any Canadian would be extremely well-served to read.  Because the liberal media is doing the opposite.

Some friends who have read it say it’s among the best, and most important books they can recall reading, and I couldn’t disagree.

Readers pointed out the graphic of Al Gore behind anchor Kate Wheeler is carefully crafted by a graphics employee at CTV:  it’s him backed by throngs of adoring, cheering, hands-in-the-air, almost “worshipping” fans.  Fancy that.  Job well done, liberals.

My wife reports that the display for this Al Gore book at the liberal-owned and promoting Chapters/Indigo is as such:

Top row (eye level), filled 7 books across and 5 deep.  That is 35 copies, by far the most copies of any book in the “Books with Buzz” section of the store.

That, from the same store that had nearly no Mark Steyn books when it came out despite the demand for it (a massive best-seller).  From the National Post, November 3, 2006:

Steyn’s book can’t be found in Canada

Author says bookstore chain ‘boycotting’ best-seller

Andrew Duffy, CanWest News Service
Published: Friday, November 03, 2006

A Canadian author’s book about the need to defend Western civilization against Islam’s demographic juggernaut—and the United States’ vital role in that effort—has become a best-seller in the United States, but remains all but impossible to buy at stores in this country.

Conservative columnist Mark Steyn’s book America Alone has shot up best-seller lists: It stands at 13th on The New York Times list and 23rd on Amazon.com.

But Canada’s largest book seller, Indigo Books and Music Inc., does not have the book in stock at its Chapters outlets or its other book-selling subsidiaries.

Mr. Steyn has charged that Indigo and its chief executive officer, Heather Reisman, underestimated demand for his book as a means of “boycotting” it.

His publisher made several attempts to persuade Indigo that its first order of several hundred books was inadequate, he said.

Mr. Steyn wrote in Maclean’s, “If Heather Reisman carries on boycotting me, I should be able to retire to Tahiti within the year.”