Amex cardholders: shop at small biz on Nov 27 and get $25 credit on your statement

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The Article

As part of our commitment to supporting small businesses, American Express is giving registered Cardmembers a $25 statement credit when they shop at small businesses on Small Business Saturday.

The offer is only valid in the U.S. as far as I can tell, and besides, one of the rules is, and I quote: “Purchases made … at … government agencies are not eligible.”  So for example you couldn’t shop at the state-owned CBC, I presume.  There go the CBC “holiday” coffee mugs I was going to buy for all my socialist friends.

But this pro-small-business gimmick is a great idea.  I’d also love a credit card which launched a pro-Christmas program, wherein you get $25 if you shop at a store which celebrates Christmas, instead of the “holiday” or the “happy-tree fest” or the “winter solstice inclusiveness jamboree of green organics and progressiveness”. 

It turns out that’s where I try my hardest to shop anyway, so maybe they know they don’t need to do that.

Joel Johannesen
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