Add Montreal Gazette to list of Conservative endorsers; near total lack of liberal endorsement

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The Article

image …and yet the media generally bash the conservatives at every opportunity.  (And I have a theory about that, which I’ll expound on more, later.) 

In fact, PTBC beaver Bruce, who sent me this Gazette heads up, says he had to struggle though the usual four pages of anti-Harper, anti-conservative, pro Liberal (and even pro Justin Trudeau, proving they’re just ridiculous)  nonsense, before finally getting to the faint praise for Harper and the Conservatives in their endorsement. 

And I’ve noticed that this painfully tepid endorsing is all the rage these days in what I insist is very much the liberal media. Canadians are thought by many Americans to be excruciatingly boring, and this goes a long way to endorsing that notion. 

It opens:  “Canada has had a Conservative government for more than two and a half years now, and its record is, on balance, not bad.”

Gee.  “[N]ot bad”.  Don’t go crazy! 

Other than that:

“Amid all the unfair and misleading advertising of this campaign, one Conservative message is truer now than when the writ was dropped: Constancy and prudence with the country’s finances are even more important when we’re in the economic doldrums.”

• “… on the big issues – the economy, Canada’s place in the world, and striking the right balance between Ottawa and the provinces, including Quebec – it has done well.”

And then almost as if to simply give up all pretense of political sophistication and seriousness on politics generally, and certainly on the fate of our very nation, they toy with the notion of electing Justin Trudeau, purely on the basis of their “curiosity”. 

“And we admit to being deeply curious about how Justin Trudeau would comport himself in Parliament. We hope he is elected in Papineau.”

Here’s a radical idea for you at the Gazette: Why don’t you haul him before your editorial board and ask him a few question before encouraging people to drop their principles, play games with democracy and their very franchise, and vote for that one purely on the basis of “curiosity”?  Elect Conservatives because we need a steady, stable, reliable government at this vital time in our history, but hey let’s goof around with that playtoy Liberal just for funsies!

So in the end it’s hard to take their endorsement seriously.  I’ve heard more rigorous logic and frames of reference amongst my friends and neighbors chatting over wine and beer and burgers and onion rings at the local tavern.  And hey, why should that surprise me?


Right on cue (it’s election time in Canada), the liberals’ Toronto Star, one of the most left-wing mainstream papers in North America, today finally comes out and shocks exactly nobody as it endorses Liberal Frenchman Stephane Dion and Team Liberal, mainly by showing their utter contempt for Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.  We support Liberals because they are the best ♥liberal♥ team!  It’s in our mandate as a fair and balanced Canadian newspaper to pick the best liberals!

Favorite quote from their official endorsement:  “The New Democrats have an attractive leader in Jack Layton – articulate and knowledgeable. And the NDP platform is very similar to the Liberals’…”



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