Barack Obama doesn’t know what “begs the question” means.

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The Article


That may actually be the big news of the day, and I could stop right here and this would still be a good blog entry.  As some of us know, Obama never, ever, talks without a teleprompter guiding his every word with pre-written speeches, written by the pinheads at Obamaton HQ (home of the Obama Orb! —see left).  image  He won’t say anything without the teleprompter setup. He travels with it, even uses it for 30-second announcements and for supposedly spontaneous news conferences.  It’s hideous.  There’s lots of articles about this in the non-mainstream non-liberal media.

And as soon as he didn’t have his teleprompter crutch today, it went wrong.  President Obama made one of those grammatical errors which many people who suddenly aren’t supported by teleprompters often do.  Particularly the ones who are ignorant of the proper use of the English language, even the ones who all liberals think of and hold out as extremely “brilliant”.  “Smart”.  “Communicators”. And “great speakers”.  Unlike President George Bush who said “nukular” once, and was bashed over the head for it for eight years thereafter.

“…The fact these guys ‘r looking for bonuses having run down AIG, uh, a, begs the question of, uh why were they makin’ that much baforehand?…”

— President Obama

No, it doesn’t beg the question.  It might raise the question.  It doesn’t beg the question.

For more on this grammatical stupidity and ignorance of the language from people who are supposed to know better, see the blog entries below, and their links.

Nancy Wilson repeatedly begs the question wrongly

Liberal Ignatieff misuses a phrase in the House.  Liberals: please set your hair on fire.

AFP news wire begs the question

EXTRA GRAMMAR AID FOR OBAMA and other smarties:
Obama speaks with a teleprompter all the time because he always speaks with a teleprompter.  That begs the question.  Period.

•  Barack Obama blunders even with teleprompter—
Obama In St Patrick’s Day Teleprompt Blunder.
•  From his own New York Times p/r division!—
President Sticks to the Script, With a Little Help
•  Google “Obama teleprompter” for dozens more articles.


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