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Craig Oliver and Jane Taber on Question Period  A PTBC reader sent this email today to liberalvision’s Jane Taber, CTV reporter and host of Question Period as well as fill-in host of Mike Duffy Live

Dear Ms. Taber

Regarding your comment Oct 20 2006 that there is too much testosterone in the House of Commons.  Do you not think that this in itself is a sexist and offensive comment?

My opinion is that it is both.  Since testosterone is a primary male sexual characteristic, a sweeping negative comment clearly includes all men and is by definition sexist. That it’s negative, and therefore offensive, is self-evident. Would you as readily have said that remarks such as those (by all parties) have no harm intended and that there is too much estrogen on the Hill?  What is your opinion of Justice Beverly McLachlin’s remark that the Supreme Court of Canada would be a better place without so many white males, and why was no mention made of that on your show?

Please show the courage of your convictions by defending your position and remarks.

[name withheld by Joel]

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