Today’s missive from the 100% state-owned media behemoth which, with its government endorsement (and the embrace of the nation’s core progressive set and the other left-wing and far-left amongst the citizenry), competes against its own citizens in business for profit, and competes with citizens for attention, and for advertisers, and for readers, and followers, and as a purveyor of news, and in the forum of entertainment and worse, in the forum of ideas and still worse, in politics.  Yes, this is the state-owned media “CEO” as he makes his pronouncements, such as the following, this morning:

A statement, that is.  In the private-sector’s National Post, this “op/ed,” written at, it is

”…this has been our mission. Simply put: culture, we express; citizenship, we enrich.”

No, it’s not Yoda doing the writing, nor even another lousy, state-funded “arts”-community effort of anything like Yoda writing from his “Little Spaceship on the Prairie”, although the situation is just as ugly.  I mean just as Yodaugly as both Yoda and socialism —in fact Yoda wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt with that CBC “orb” logo on it would be an excellent metaphor for the state-owned, socialism-reliant media, the CBC. 

Anytime a state-owned ANYTHING presumes to speak of telling its people what its culture is, and how a government “enriches” us in any way, especially while coyly failing to address the fact that it’s our cash they’re doing it with, we should check our wallets, and our freedom, and our geography to ensure we didn’t wake up in Iran or North Korea, and then lean forward and fight the Hell out of it. 

Governments shouldn’t tell people what its culture is.  That concept is a fundamental understanding of freedom and democracy.  But it is exemplary of progressive speak, and progressivism at its very core.  That’s why the Liberals, all of Layton’s you’ve got to be kidding party, and more than a few “Conservatives” all support it.  With your money.

”…I believe more than ever in the importance of CBC

Joel Johannesen
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