This just in: Nothing new at the state-run CBC

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State-employee Alison Smith, in her so-called unbiased “news” report just now on the liberals’ CBC-Newsworld division, twice called it the “so-called war on terror”.  I believe she’s practicing for the Subliminal Misinformation Festival, because this couldn’t be the way they present news. 

She begins:

“…It was a carefully staged event…

President Bush once again DEFENDING [her emphasis] the so-called ‘war on terror’…”

For clarification, the words “it was a carefully staged event” were hers, and “it” wasn’t about her performance but rather that of the man she repeatedly referred to as “Bush”. 

Then she called it the “so-called war on terror” again in the summary of her story. 

“Bush’s political offensive around the so-called war on terror…”

See it’s all a staged political farce, this “so-called war on terror”. The CBC is not.  Repeat that eight thousand times.  Vote liberal.

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