State-run CBC endorses man dressed up as snowman at Democratic Party prez debate

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The Article

At the ever-so hip Democratic Party debate last night on the liberals’ CNN, wherein questions were submitted by YouTube videos, one video question started out with “wazzzzzup?” 

And one was from a leftist environut idiot who was dressed up as a snowman, apparently worried about melting due to all the “man-made global warming” that Mr. Bush and conservatives are causing, and spoke in a Mr. Bill-style high voice. 

Therefore this was greeted by the leftist state-run CBC and their state-paid minions on their Newsworld channel today with two thumbs up, and considerable glee and congratulations.  It was a Democratic Party debate, silly! 

One can only imagine the endless scorn and ridicule and anger and indignation and charges of not taking things seriously—even at a time of war when our boys are getting killed daily for the love of God!!…… directed at Republicans had it been been a Republican debate—on Fox News Channel. 

First of all they wouldn’t have covered anything BUT the snowman angle.  But don’t worry:  in this case, the CBC’s top man in Washington, Henry Champ, was all over the big Democratic Party debate story.  Regarding the snowman question: he informed us, “It was the hit of the evening”!  Well of course it was Mr. Champ. 

And then it was over to the snowman clip.  In “his” high-pitched Mr. Bill-type voice, “he” (the snowman) began:


“Hello Democratic candidates. I’ve been growing concerned that global warming, the single most important issue to the snowmen of this country, is being neglected.

“As president,” he went on, “what will you do to ensure that my son will live a full and happy life?  Thank you.”

Here’s his “son”:



(The libs’ answers:  Well, by gum, they’re gonna end the man-made global warming!)

Also worth noting that according the the good Media Research Center, the questions asked were liberal-flavored by a margin of three to one.  That’s fair and balanced in a parallel universe or if you’re totally drunk. 

The crack CBC “news” anchor, a woman named Lucy van Oldenbarneveld, then of course chimed in with her absolutely predictable cheery endorsement of the Democratic Party fest:  “An impressive snowman in July!” she informed us. 


Here she is at the moment the news anchor Lucy van Oldenbarneveld
praised the bold and very mature snowman question to the candidates:


Note that notwithstanding the effeminate voice, he was a snowMAN.  Not a snowPERSON or asexual snowUNIT.  And it was his SON that he was concerned about. Not his infantist unit.  But again: this was a liberal fest—not a conservative debate. So it’s irrelevant in this case.

Gender issues aside, the snowman was right about one thing:  His issues “are the single most important issue to the snowmen of this country.” 

The state-run media then followed it up with an in-depth analysis, by way of their “tech analyst” (yes, tech analyst, not political guru), Jesse Hirsh, who is arguably one of the dumbest people to appear on television on a regular basis.  He’s the one who, just before the last election, informed Canadians that the extreme left-wing web site was NOT what we in the sensible set all know to be the most radically left-wing web site and discussion forum in the nation.  No. As I wrote on November 30 2005 in my blog entry entitled “State-run CBC says Babble provides “a real pulse” of the nation”,  according to the “tech analyst” Jesse Hirsh, is:

(a) a “blog”; and
(b) among the best “blogs” in Canada; and
(c) it represents “a real pulse” in terms of how people are thinking across our country.

Today, he unwittingly explained to us, it seemed to me, that this may all have been part of his plan to “dumb it down” for us, because “that’s what people want”.  He informed us that this YouTube-style of presidential debate was the wave of the future.  “The questions really reflect what the voters are interested in,” he explained.  It’s “the new form of debate”

Regarding the quality of debate ramifications:  “It does sorta dumb it down, but I think that’s what people want!” 

Yes, Mr. tech analyst and part-time political guru:  the people want things to be dumbed down.  One has to keep reminding oneself that this is a Democratic debate which took place on the liberals’ CNN and is being reviewed by state-run leftist CBC, to comprehend the insanity of the discussion.  The lack of what would otherwise be outrage can only be explained by the inherent left-wingedness of the whole affair.


Dumbing it down is now a “good” thing that “people want”.
CBC is thus poised to lead the pack.


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