Small-C conservatives in BC form new young conservatives group

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The Article

By Jesse Donovan,
British Columbia Conservative Youth Association President

The British Columbia Conservative Youth Association was founded on June 6 2012. Our Association is aiming to build on the strong conservative foundations in BC and the Conservative majority government in Canada.

The BCCYA aims to establish an organized, Provincial Association where conservative youth can work together to make a difference in our province. There are many conservative youth in British Columbia. The BCCYA aims to unite them into a strong organization that influences BC politics.

Our main goal is to assist conservatives who want to get into public office. While we are not affiliated with any particular political Party, we support politicians with conservative beliefs. These principles include limited governmental regulation of business, faith in the free market system, and a justice system that delivers law and order to Canadian families.

The second goal of the BCCYA is to prepare the conservative leaders of tomorrow. The young conservatives of today will one day be the leaders of our province and our country. We aim to prepare them by giving them volunteer experience with conservative candidates and an opportunity to join the BCCYA Executive.

There are a number of ways that you can help the BCCYA grow into a strong, active organization. If you are a conservative between the ages of 14-28 it would be great if you joined. The BCCYA is free to join. It is crucial to grow our membership so that we can become a force that has a say in BC politics. If you are older and still want to help out, you can help spread the word to younger conservatives in your riding.

Our website can be found at The website will be updated frequently with conservative youth events.

Please spread the word and help us build the BC Conservative Youth Association!

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