Government-run power unempowered me

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The Article

The state-owned, state-run electricity-providing division of the mammoth BC government, BC Hydro, has failed again. There is another power outage affecting PTBC world headquarters in Vancouver.

UPDATE: I have what I’m calling progressive government induced adult onset attention deficit disorder, and I’m bored with this now. So I have been reduced to thumbing about this on my Blackberry, which works, and which was created and built by private enterprise. My service provider, Bell, which is privately owned, still works too. So do my apps, enabling me to blog like this.

(I never did get that iPad 4G service from Bell on my new iPad, darn the luck. There’s a teaching moment.)

UPDATE directed toward you GREENIES:
If I had some o’ that state-sponsored solar power, I’d still be screwed, because it’s cloudy today. So bite me. Also, and this is for Ontario’s blowhard Premier Daddy Mcguinty, there’s no wind to power even a government-subsidized windmill. So that blows, or not.

So I wait. For the government. Which owns the electricity monopoly.

Chips! And a cookie.

UPDATE: Shoulda got that gas-powered power backup generator from Canadian Tire when they were on sale. Hey isn’t there such a thing as a module of some sort that you can connect to your car or even your lawnmower to get electricity?

Scratch that. The greenies would BAN that above-noted idea like they did with plastic bags and large soda pops. And salt and trans fats. (But not pot-smoking! Or abortions!)

May have to go over to McDonald’s for their free wi-fi. Yeah and some fries with that — duh.

Hey remember Sammy my doggy? She’s fine, thanks for asking. Remember those Sammy updates I used to do back in the day? Good times.

I still think it’s pretty weird that my tiny Blackberry can drive a big web server located in Arizona, from here in electricityless BC. Private enterprise works. Tell a progressive! Piss him off!

Cold green tea: tastes ok!

Ok now I’m missing Bret Baier’s show on Fox News Channel, and the brilliance du jour of Charles Krauthammer. This is most undesirable.

Power just kind of burped on for a fraction of a second, then off again. Just enough of a spike to break sensitive electronic circuits in my expensive computers, appliances, and audio-video equipment. Beauty. Thanks government!

Who knew?: when your power is out, your fridge’s water dispenser doesn’t work. What — is there a pump in there? Had to drink state-run tap water from government-filtered and government-pumped supply system. Like dude. Give me my power back.

So I bought a pressure washer last weekend. Gas-powered, mind you, so it’s not reliant on the government. 3100 PSI. Sadly, I’ve already pressure-washed the bajeezus out of every single thing, or I’d be out there right now.

Temperature in my office now down to 69.3 (on the proper Fahrenheit scale). Humidity is 42%. Toes: cold. Nipples: hard.

#caring UPDATE:
I mentioned this morning on Twitter (@JoelJohannesen) that I bought @KurtSchlichter new E-book “I Am A Conservative” at Amazon for my Kindle/iPad. ( Only cost $2.99 U.S.! Buy it. Do it NOW.

Likely to be last update as my Blackberry’s charge indicator has turned RED and indicates only a tiny charge left. Obviously I can’t recharge it on account of THE GOVERNMENT. This needs to change. Let’s. OK?


Power was finally restored at 9:00 PM. There will be no apology from them. No compensation. There will be no switching of power providers by me, since the government has ensured they run a monopoly. There will just be silence and good behavior amongst the plebeian citizenry. We must simply take it. It is the government. Vote socialist/progressive/liberal. Get more of this.

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