Headline at state-owned CBC this morning:
“Students tricked into eating moose poop by school staff.”

This from the CBC, which never reports that every day, citizens are tricked into eating bull crap (sorry: bull “poop”), particularly from their own massive CBC “news” division. This sort of reminds me of how the CBC reports on stories emanating from Iran or China via what they blithely call those nations’ “state television” station, as if the CBC isn’t also one.

So anyway, a school, whose teachers are, as we know, against all that awful bullying, bullies a student? Huh. Possibly, the student wasn’t gay, so, like, it’s open season, and, like, who gives a shi poop?

Gotta love those taxpayer-funded, state-owned and state-run institutions, huh?

I note how the CBC doesn’t mention the fact that the school is a state-owned public school, the way I’m pretty sure they would if the school were a private Christian school.

SECOND-FLUSH (it’s a water-saver “enviro” toilet!):
Here’s the front page of the public school in question:

In case you can’t read the school’s “Mission Statement,” or you find it so hideous that you actually require confirmation as to what you’re reading, it says:

“Our Mission Statement
To provide a safe and respectful environment with high expectations and meaningful opportunities.  Our focus is to help build relationships that develop citizenship and promote lifelong learning.”

Yes, folks, these are the same people who big-government, big union, liberal-left progressive backers insist you plug your children into one of their biggest dream social programs to date: their grand, state-owned, state-run, unionized, national daycare (and “early learning”  — wink!) scheme. What could possibly go wrong with that?


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