Raising boys: part III

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The Article

FYI to mothers and fathers of boys: it is open season on your son in our gyno-centric culture, and the feminists are pushing hard for a no-closed season and no-bag limit.  If you’re a parent of a boy and would like him to retain his masculine distinctiveness, you might as well go ahead and buy the family HazMat suits because you’re dealing with a feminist philosophy that is hazardous to your boy’s masculine health. 

The feminists and the men who have yielded up their private parts to the lesbians—I mean feminists—have an organized system of male hatred that they just can’t wait to slap your son with.  They’re out in stretch pant force in Hollywood, our school systems and in limp churches with one goal in mind: to turn your son into a dandy they can direct. 

The primary message of our increasingly jacked-up, feminized nation is that there is nothing about men that is good, or even acceptable.  Guys get tolerated nowadays only to the extent that they yield to the cultural castration.  To the feminist, the only good man is either a dead one or a neutered one.

Get it right mom and dad, your son is the Nuevo piÃ

Doug Giles

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