PTBC to undergo upgrades

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The Article

I’m not sure exactly when I’m going to get around to doing this, but it will be anytime between today July 16 and next Monday July 23.  I’m trying to get a consensus from amongst my synapses and the liberals’ Council on Strategery, Polling, Liberal-Left Propaganda, and Wienerism Inc is doing the polling.  They keep getting the “wrong answer” so it’s taking them a while as they massage the questions just right. (The last one they asked was “Do you agree or disagree that it would, like, totally suck, dude, if your site went down for a day and you had to do like tons of extra work for diddly while Bush kept on killing Iraqis?”  See, it’s confusing.)

So here’s the warning: if the site’s down for a while (up to a day), that’s why. 

The web server’s entire Linux operating system will be replaced with Red Hat Fedora Core 6, including a new version of the MySQL database, plus a number of performance enhancements, and critical security patches.  That will make things much more exactly the same as they are now for you, ‘cept they’ll be more “modern”. 

I’m trying to be “progressive” like those cool liberals.

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