Pamela Wallin as seen by progressives: EUREKA! As seen by conservatives: PROGRESSIVE!

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The Article

We’re hearing about Conservative senator Pamela Wallin from all the political geniuses this week, especially from the holier-than-thou liberals and the even further left; and their liberal-left, progressive-luvin’ mainstream media divisions.

But the left is frustrated. They wanted and expected to mock conservatives; to put us conservatives on the defensive, since Wallin is a supposed Conservative. (They mistakenly conflate small-c conservative with capital-c Conservative, causing no end of confusion for them).

Pamela Wallin, former news media journalist from CBC and CTV and Toronto Star
Pamela Wallin, former news media journalist from CBC and CTV and Toronto Star. Oh and a Conservative senator.

The left wanted to embarrass us; to prove that they were right all along, about, well, I’m not sure what they think they were right about. Surely they don’t mean to imply that this proves Conservatives are genetically dishonest or expense account profligates, while they on the socialist, progressive left are inherently honest and noble, and are small and efficient-government-luvin’ skinflints! I mean that would just be funny! Well funny and insulting to our intelligence.

But conservatives aren’t defending Wallin. We’re denouncing her. And this a giant bummer for the left. So they’re seething.

You see, it’s backfiring. It actually proves we conservatives are right.

That’s because we conservatives — real conservatives, not the fake ones we see all over Ottawa and in provincial capitals — know what this is about. We’ve always known. We’ve predicted this and any number of other things like this before. It’s exactly the kind of thing we have warned about since… forever.

In a word, it’s big government, run amok. Or rather it’s what happens when progressives grow government; the result being that it will eventually run amok. We know from observing any number of historical examples (which is what conservatives do) that this will happen whenever government gets progressively big, bigger, and more and more impossible to fully control, as this one is. It’s what happens when progressives in government think they are the important ones, and they are in charge, instead of the people being the important ones, and in charge.

It’s what happens when government gets so big that the leaders of the government don’t even know what the Hell is going on any more, even right under their feet — or in that overly elaborate, grand red chamber next door. It’s what happens when government gets so engorged with taxpayer cash that the bureaucracy and staff and assistant staffers and managers and directors and senators and assistant senators and secretaries to assistants… are too numerous and redundant to even monitor themselves, much less each other, anymore.

And it’s what happens when people like Pamela Wallin get caught-up in her own (well nurtured by progressives) sense of grandiosity and self-importance. It’s what progressives do. This is exactly not politically conservative behavior. This is precisely the province of the entitled, big progressive government left, not the small and limited-power government of the people, by the people and for the people right.

Here’s a hint: when it takes teams of expert forensic auditors weeks or months to even tabulate and list the scads of taxpayer cash that have already been spewed and wasted by just one or a few government office-holders, even though they already have internal auditors and oversight committees supposedly monitoring and controlling them in the first place, then you know you’ve got a big huge progressive government that is predictably and firmly out of control.

Pamela Wallin and Peter Mansbridge when Wallin worked at CBC
Pamela Wallin and Peter Mansbridge when Wallin worked at state-owned CBC

So who or what is to blame for this? No, it’s not “conservatives.” It’s exactly the opposite of conservatives. It’s PROGRESSIVES. This is progressivism at work. This is exemplary of the progressive construct. Government growth, to the point where more government — another layer of government — is needed just to control the government that it was they originally grew, and (and this is an important component to progressives) to control the people, because they think they know better, and are more worthy, and are thus more entitled. It’s the very definition of progressive government.

The left, including their media divisions, incessantly and emphatically report over and over about Wallin being a “Conservative senator.” But actually, Wallin spent most of her life not as a “Conservative,” but as they conveniently neglect to tell you, she spent almost her whole life as a news media journalist.

Pamela Wallin while working at CTV
Pamela Wallin while working at CTV

So whereas her colleagues at the massive Canadian government’s state-owned CBC division (where Wallin worked for years as a journalist), CTV (where she also worked as a journalist), Global, the Globe & Mail, the Toronto Star (where she also worked as a journalist), the National Post, and the Ottawa Citizen, et al, try to put conservatives on the defensive, they should actually be embarrassed. They should be cowering. They should be ashamed of themselves. This is their scandal. This is their guilt. This is what they helped bring to fruition.

This scandal is a progressive scandal. Pamela Wallin is their baby. And they should take responsibility and defend her and defend themselves.

Progressives clearly don’t understand conservatives. Liberals, socialists — progressives generally — shouldn’t expect conservatives to defend any folly perpetrated by big, progressive government. Progressives only mock themselves when they do that.


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