Saskatchewan.svgBack in the day, Saskatchewan earned PTBC’s  unfortunate moniker of “A little bit of the Soviet Union, right here in Canada,” on account of it being almost exactly like a little bit of the Soviet Union right here in Canada.

But today, it’s exactly not like that. On account of non-socialists leading the province for a change.

Saskatchewan had been run mostly by socialists and other progressives for decades, mostly the NDP, which made it resemble the old communist Soviet Union not just in terms of its weather, but also socially, economically, and in any reading of its left-wing government’s dictates at the time.

So this news is different: Its main cities being named among “the best places to start a business?” Wow.

Just as starting a business in the Soviet Union was inadvisable, we would never have counselled young Saskatoon Johnny or young Mary Regina to invest their lives in a start-up in the Saskatchewan socialist backwater. It was the worst place to start a business outside of Manitoba or Cuba.

Recently, that changed. Non-socialists won an election, and things turned around. But leftists are still leftists. Just as leftists among our American cousins blame George W. Bush or the weather or Ted Cruz for every failure of their failed president Barack Obama, no matter how long Obama’s been in power, and no matter how absurd the logic, socialists of Saskatchewan credit not conservatives or Brad Wall, but the oil industry for Saskatchewan’s good fortunes today. Still other leftists, and their sisters the greenies, blame the oil industry for Saskatchewan’s good fortunes today. Yeah, go ahead and re-read that. We made no error.

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