OOPS! Liberal Pollution is Up!

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The Article

this frame captured from the latest Liberal Party ad.  In their latest ads, the one in which they show a close-up of a handgun pointed at the viewer, the Liberal Party also chose to show this quick picture of nasty pollution.

The implication is that not only will Conservatives “change Canada” so as to allow you and your babies to be killed with guns, but also they will allow the world to disintegrate and basically die by being polluted to death, because Conservatives are just that stupid.

The NAFTA environmental agency says Canada is moving more slowly than the ever-so-politically-conservative United States as currently led by George W. Bush, right-wing conservative Republican, in curbing pollution.

The news came last Wednesday, Canada’s annual Clean Air Day, before the Liberal ads were released, but likely after they were produced by the Liberal ad firms we’ve all heard so much about in the “sponsorship” scandal.

In its 8th annual Taking Stock report, the Montreal-based Commission for Environmental Co-operation (CEC) concludes that when it comes to curbing pollution, the Liberal Party-led Canada is lagging far behind the conservative, right-wing, Republican Party-led United States.

Total North American emissions declined by 18 per cent from 1998, the report said, while Canadian emissions rose three per cent.

Commission executive director William Kennedy says the discrepancy can be attributed to Canada’s lack of federal air-quality legislation.

In 2001, Canadian industrial plants released almost 2.7 million kilograms of hazardous chemicals, the study found.

In other news, the Green Party in Canada uses plastic lawn signs to drum-up support.

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