Given the drubbing the Catholic Church and its priests have taken these last few years, wouldn’t you be tempted to indicate HINDU priest, in this case, rather than simply “priest?”  I mean as long as you’re talking about religion, and you’re in the news business, and you’re, you know, getting paid, and you think your business and trade in life is worthwhile or even important and you want to be taken seriously as journalists, and all that.  Especially when your articles are on Twitter and so they therefore don’t include anything but your crappy headline. 

I’d be inclined to as an editor. 

Here’s how it appears in my Twitter timeline:

And the radio station’s article:

Abbotsford priest arrested
Karam Vir has been charged with two counts of sexual exploitation

ABBOTSFORD (NEWS1130) – A priest at a Hindu temple in Abbotsford has been arrested after a girl at the temple complained to police.

Cst. Ian MacDonald says police got the first complaint in March, and while they were investigating they got a second complaint also involving a girl at the temple. …

Here’s a graphic of their online article:

… or do they really just think a priest is a priest, religion, shmaligion, we don’t care what religion is involved…they’re all the same? (Yaddah.)

I noticed the state-owned CBC, which loves all religions, especially Christianity,
No sorry let me start that sentence again:  I noticed the state-owned CBC did exactly the same thing;  but in their case, it didn’t surprise me at all for some strange reason:

The CBC never fails to be predictably sloppy, arrogant, and tendentious:

I noticed several other news outlets covering it, and they all included the word HINDU in their headline.  Possibly this is their nod to intellectual honesty and truth:

•  Abbotsford Hindu priest charged with sexual assault  (The Province newspaper)

•  Abbotsford Hindu priest charged with sexual assault (The Abbotsford Times)

•  Young girls allege sex abuse by B.C. Hindu priest  (

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