It’s actually* just a good news story, you conservative-attacking, CBC sort of* dullards.

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The Article

Hi liberals and socialists and the other CBC news channel watcher!CBC - 'know more, know now?' Hahahaha Sorry, but in case you thought I stopped watching the state-owned, taxpayer-funded CBC “news” channel (number 502 on my dial), and that I now just get fully-informed watching the normal TV news at Fox News Channel, well you’re wrong. Since the state-owned left-wing crap-channel warned me years ago that they’ll be “monitoring” this web site, I thought I better keep watching them, writing stuff, and giving them something to “monitor!”

Here’s just an infinitesimal couple of fun things I noticed in the past five minutes of watching that dreadful socialism-reliant, anti-conservative propaganda division of the Canadian progressives: It’s a story about a fantastic new “green energy” and pollution-cleaning technology being developed by a couple of (private!) Canadian tech companies (but as this is Canada, they now join the rest of corporate and individual Canadians, and are being subsidized with a form of welfare  —  corporate in this case  —  from the federal government, which is obviously why the CBC even bothered to cover the story at all). The technology will be used in Alberta at their fabulous (my word  — duh!) oil sands projects.

It sounds great. Would reduce oil sands emissions by 30%. Yay. This is a good news story. For Canada, for business, for everyone.

CBC “news” channel anchor Reshmi Nair is on it with reporter Margo McDiarmid from the enormous CBC HQ edifice. McDiarmid sets about explaining the bio/business story.

But hmm. Damn! This couldn’t just be “good!” There’s gotta be an angle to this somewhere, Margo!  Therefore, the “news” anchor, Reshmi Nair, half-way through the story, asked reporter Margo McDiarmid more about the science of it.

“It sounds good, but how much of this project is just a PR stunt for the Conservatives?” asked Nair.

Golly she’s ever so inquisitive, businesses-minded, and all about the science; and she has that investigative journalist’s curiosity about facts! But seriously, at least that wasn’t at all a politically-motivated and tendentious question! No but seriously. Oh who am I kidding? This is the CBC.

Reshmi NairAnd to be fair, maybe Nair is more interested in political science and bashing Conservatives than actual science and business and, you know, news. Ya think that could be possible at the CBC?

Well thanks for asking, Reshmi! That gives me a convenient chance to remind viewers, using the second half of my report on this erstwhile good news tech and business story, that… as it turns out, McDiarmid ever so earnestly explains, “critics” have indeed “roundly criticized” the Conservatives for not spending (sorry  — investing!) enough taxpayer cash in green enviro projects exactly like this, so this is actually* (see below regarding “actually”) a sort of* (see below regarding”sort of”) a good idea. You see, even though the Conservatives are providing corporate welfare to these companies and “investing” taxpayer cash in enviro greenie projects, they should “actually” be spending (sorry again  — investing!) “two or three times more” than they are now, so it’s actually* only a good news story, sort of*!

Over to you, Reshmi!

Even when the Conservatives do move toward what it is the left and the CBC obliquely demand of them, they find a nefarious angle to it somewhere  —  or they just make one up. Thanks CBC! You’re worth it! And by golly, it’s a wonder we conservatives could possibly interpret the CBC as being left-wing and anti-conservative! Nothing the enviros do, the Liberals, the NDP, communists, the CBC’s David Suzuki  —  nothing anybody else ever does is “a PR stunt”. It’s only when it’s a Conservative or a conservative doing it that it becomes highly questionable and could possibly be a “stunt” (and then it’s also most definitely a “hidden agenda!”  —  and not “sort” of, either).

Margo McDiarmid

So please don’t forget, Canadians, this could very well be nothing but a bit of PR bullcrap, whereupon the conservatives are using your taxpayer cash to boost their own PR. And don’t call it “stimulus” cash in this case either!

Thanks Margo and Reshmi.

And then the CBC went on to the CBC’s “business” segment, which always makes me laugh, on account of the fact that the CBC is socialism-reliant and state-owned, and yet they presume to explain business to us.


* I noticed McDiarmid used the word “actually” over and over, a little like the way failed liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin used to say “in fact” a hundred times per hour, or the way failed liberal Obama says “um,” and “millionaires and billionaires,” and “pay their fair share,” (and shouts “SQUIRREL!” whenever Benghazi or the Kermit Gosnell trial is mentioned), a hundred times per day.

So naturally, I rewound the recording from my vast right-wing CBC-recording industrial complex, and counted: the word “actually” was used twelve times in that brief story. Actually, that includes the word “actual,” once.

She also said “sort of” five times. As in, this is “sort of” a good news story, Reshmi!

Actually, state-owned media should be sort of banned in this country. No actually, not just sort of.


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