How about “Fabian Socialist Public School”?

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The Article

Imagine your government building a brand new public high school.  Imagine they decided to name it the Stockwell Day School, and its official team colors were to be Conservative Party blue. 

…pause for readers’ giddy laughter to subside….

Imagine, then, that the principle of the school said publicly that the school would be all about teaching the kids “traditional Canadian values” and about fighting for “freedom and democracy” and “ending tyrannical rule around the world in the name of freedom and national security”; and that it would be divided up into four “corporate divisions”, each division named to celebrate our founding Judea-Christian and capitalist pro-Canada pro-life freedom and democracy activism.  The Bishop Fred Henry division, the Mark Steyn division, the Dr. Tim Ball division, and the Bill Vander Zalm division.

…waiting for reader knee-slaps and guffaws to subside….

Well of course many of the folks reading this would think they inadvertently inhaled pot smoke from that hairy pierced and tattooed liberal dude next door.  But pot smokers and all liberals and their media and their academia would be outraged to the point of total sputtering rage and frenzy and to, duh, a big protest rally with anti-Bush signs. I don’t doubt they’d burn down the school and reasonably expect to be applauded for having done so.  I imagine they’d expect the firemen to help them, and the police to keep the Christians back. 

Now the sober (actually, I’m not so sure) reality is that in liberal-leftist-dominated Ontario, they’ve just finished building a brand new school, which they decided to call… the Stephen Lewis Secondary School

Yes that’s right, that same Stephen Lewis who I think is rabidly, seemingly proudly anti-conservative, rabidly anti-Bush, and who sounds very much like a communist to me, and who was the overtly socialist leader of the failed Ontario you’ve got to be kidding party (to say nothing of the fact that he is about the most left-wing, arrogant, annoying, elitist, pompous asses I’ve ever heard speak in my life).

And imagine—no you don’t have to because it actually happened—the principle of the school, who was touring the new public high school with Lewis in gleeful tow (gleeful mostly because the principle was a woman) let it be known that the school would be all about instilling a passion for “social justice” and “humanitarianism” in the students. You know, code for liberal-left fundamentalism.

And it would be divided into four “villages”:  one named for Dr. David Suzuki, who sounds very much like a anti-American, anti-capitalist, socialist, environmentalist industry propagandist to me; anti-Harper and anti-conservative pro-abortion activist and so-called “social activist” June Callwood; “children’s rights” crusader Craig Kielburger; and the first woman elected to the House of Commons, the socialist Agnes Macphail, who advocated for the total disarmament of Canada.

You’d think I was joking but I’m not.  Conservative parents will be forced to send their young impressionable children to learn all about the ideologically left-wing “progressive” movement and its sundry champions.  How liberal.  How Cuban.

Maybe someone should make a movie about what it might look like to blow the school up (on a Saturday when absolutely nobody is around) —you know, just to see what that would look like on film—not to give anyone any ideas or anything like in the liberals’ beloved Toronto Film Festival flick delightfully titled “Death of A President”, about killing President George Bush.

I’d like to thank a PTBC reader who clued me in and sent me his thoughts about this story, which needless to say, bothered him nearly beyond words.  He wrote: 

Apparently, as you can see from the article, my tax dollars have been used to establish an NDP political indoctrination centre! I am flabbergasted at the audacity of presenting the school’s far left-wing agenda so openly and matter-of-factly, as though everyone in the community must just naturally agree with it. Social justice! What a benign concept – who could possibly be against that, right? As you say, it’s “progressive”!

… photos in our local paper seem to indicate that the colour of the school’s official T-shirt is NDP orange…

There’s an editorial (all positive, glowing, happy) in the Globe and Mail about this, but little more in the media.  Imagine the dismay and disgust and outrage from the left—from the media and their brethren in the liberals’ clergy, Canada’s academia —if my imaginary scenario (The Stockwell Day School), came to pass.  Try to imagine the news media being silent about it.  You would literally need to be high on pot to get to that place.

Then imagine if the news media weren’t made up almost entirely of totally biased liberal hacks who are agenda-driven and therefore nearly completely untrustworthy, as proven over and over by such events and biased reporting (or lack thereof) that goes on around us in Canada today.

I can tell you that if this were in the U.S., then on Fox News Channel in America, the various talking heads would be all over the story, and it would shake up the senses of the populous, and the print and radio media would pick it up, and the story would end much differently, if in fact it started at all.

It’s little wonder that parents are increasingly looking toward private Christian schools and other religious schools, independent schools and home-schooling, as an alternative to the politically-correct, leftist state-run indoctrination centers.  Imagine if all those people…. spoke up….. and complained.

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