Those far, far liberal-left fundamentalists are really more like fascists than anything.  (Hat tip to Jo-Anne)

Protesters chase immigration minister from church

Last Updated Thu, 01 Jun 2006 09:04:55 EDT
CBC News

A speech by Immigration Minister Monte Solberg was abruptly cancelled Wednesday when a group of hecklers besieged him in an Ottawa church.
About a dozen protesters began shouting as Solberg took the podium during the annual meeting of Citizens for Public Justice, a group that lobbies on behalf of refugees.

The demonstrators, who called for an immediate moratorium on all deportations, surrounded Solberg at the podium, and then blocked his exit from the church hall’s front door.

When Solberg managed to slip out through the hall’s back door, the protesters followed and circled his car. Police eventually cleared a path for the vehicle.


They’ll wage this war, but argue that fighting terrorists is evil.  That’s liberal.

(And notice it’s perfectly acceptable to launch a borderline violent and certainly a thugish and extremely harrassing protest in the sanctuary of a church?  They respect the sanctuary of moslem mosques too much to do that sort of thing there.)

Vote liberal.

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