Flashback on Cashback… and a covert CBC commenter/spy

Canada needs a Richard Armitage to “out” “covert” state-run CBC “operatives” or “agents”.  And can I apply the liberals’ standard— can I call CBC staff “spies”?  (Further reading – our Ann Coulter)

Early this year, I tried to the best of my ability to expose the state-run CBC’s public broadcast of a full-frontal nudity “art” flick called “CashBack” on their (our?) state-run web site, which they also showed on state-run TV.  I checked it out and it’s still on “their” website today for all the kids to see, despite the merciful cancellation of the completely stupid “Zed” program on which CBC proudly hosted that inappropriate tripe.

But today in reviewing some of the comments which that post generated, I was struck (again) by one which (as I’d mentioned at the time in one of my own comments) was made by someone whose IP address I traced back to none other than the CBC.

The commenter from the CBC posed as a guy named “Danny Balinko”, and used what I assume is a phony email address.

State agent/spy “Danny” never acknowledged in his comments (in which he took exception to what I wrote and was laudatory of the nude “art” film, and went so far as to promote the Zed program itself) that he was a CBC employee.  No indication whatsoever.  Again, the comment was posted from a CBC computer hooked up to a CBC internet line, so it was a post made by a state employee, on the taxpayers’ dime I presume, using taxpayer-owned equipment and services —to this website—on a matter which was critical of the CBC.  Covertly.

Here’s the comment “Danny” posted:

This film seems pretty benign next to what else is on TV. Yes there is a bit of nudity but no overt sexuality. It’s certainly not Family Guy – a cartoon which airs in primtime [SIC] on global. (the ad banner on global’s home page for the show says “time for a sexy party). Also it looks like its going to air on Zed Candid, a late night show where three women hosts watch short films then discuss them. It will be interesting to see what the hosts have to say about the film – maybe they’ll have similar objections.

I’ve also read that this film can be licenced for around $4000 dollars. That’s less than $0.00001 per Canadian taxpayer – for a film that’s won over 30 international awards and is currently being made into a feature film.

Let’s remember free speech – and that our kids are more interested in The Bachelor, Flacon [SIC] Beach, etc. than late night CBC.

I note how he not only defended the stupid film but also disparaged the Global Television Network and their choice of offerings.

He then went on to gratuitously promote the Zed Candid program (now canceled but still in re-runs if I’m not mistaken).

Then please take note of his (“Danny Balinko’s”) advice to us stupids about freedom of speech.  This from a covert operative from the state-run media.  How hideous.  How Soviet Union.

Here are some questions:

  1. Is covertly joining the discussion at private websites and blogs and making disparaging comments about “competing” networks part of the state-run CBC mandate?
  2. Is the CBC in favor of its employees posing as non-CBC employees and anonymously posting on websites that blog about things that are critical of them?  If I searched my logs, how much of this would I find?
  3. Does the CBC routinely assign undercover internet operatives to make anonymous postings to items they find objectionable on privately-owned websites and blogs?  Do they keep records of these activities?  Which sites do they frequently monitor?  (For the record, as a result of a legal threat from the CBC to me and ProudToBeCanadian.ca earlier this year, they stated unequivocally in writing that they will be “monitoring” ProudToBeCanadian.ca.  (Here’s a blog entry about that).  So we’re certainly one site.)
  4. Is it considered appropriate for CBC employees to make oblique warnings or disparaging remarks about private U.S. TV networks and their series like Falcon Beach (ABC network) or The Bachelor (Also ABC)?

I routinely come across CBC computers in my log files.  They’re easy to identify: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0; CBC/SRC; and of course their various IP addresses are also easy to spot.  They frequently visit ProudToBeCanadian to read various blog entries and columnists, and they do searches.  For example, they were here every day this week.

That’s quite normal I suppose—they’re looking for news and so on which they can’t get reliably from the liberal news media (snarf!).

But commenting—covertly?  No.  That’s not on.  I certainly don’t suggest they now do it by proxy—covertly.  I suggest they simply stick to their knitting.

And once again, I will repeat my longstanding opinion that state-run media should be officially banned in Canada and that it should be enshrined as such in our Constitution.

Here are some other posts—of many dozens or even into triple digits —that I’ve made about the CBC:

** Depraved programming accessible to our nation’s kids; brought to you by… (I believe this one may have been the one that triggered the CBC’s initial legal interest in our fair site).

** CBC is the depraved channel

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