A web site called Progress For America has created a TV ad which will be seen on American TV starting today, about the war on terror. 

Clearly, by “progress”, they actually mean “progress”, not “liberal”. (Now if only we could also reclaim “gay”, I’d be gay about that!).

Click to watchView War On Terror here

Here’s their “about”:

Progress for America, Inc. is an issue advocacy/grassroots organization committed to representing a diverse coalition of concerned citizens, businesses, nonprofit organizations and community leaders who promote public policies that improve the lives of every American.


After years of partisan stalemate, Congress has a unique opportunity to start making progress on issues that are important to America’s families and employers, such as:

  • Winning the “War on Terror” in Iraq to prevent future terrorist attacks in America;
  • Increasing the public’s awareness of the under-reported positive news and advances in Iraq;
  • Educating the public about the necessity of winning the war on terror by completing the mission in Iraq;

Unfortunately, there are special interests in Washington who are more interested in fighting old battles than working for positive change.

Our goal at Progress for America is to ensure that the voices of ordinary Americans are heard. We want government officials to know there is strong support at the grassroots level for a positive issue agenda.


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