Far-left CCPA’s swank-fest: featuring CBC employee & former Parl Budget Officer Kevin Page

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The Article

The far-left “think tank” called Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (wherein, as I’ve documented over the years, the so-called “alternative” is actually full-on socialism, but they’re too unctuous and opaque to just admit it), is having their annual “gala” shindig next month.  I’m invited!

It costs $90 each. You know, so the middle-class  —  sorry I think they call them “working families”  —  and single moms and the working poor can easily afford it, if I understand their notion of the “middle class” and “working families” and working poor correctly. The socialist advocacy group is not holding it in some swanky downtown hotel, but rather in an industrial area of Vancouver. Here’s a picture  —  it’s to the right of the collision repair place. Looks good and “working class,” right?


But just as with the CCPA’s name, there is an “alternative” reality here. Have a look at the inside. It’s no Trump Plaza, but see how the new “middle class” or “working class” and single moms and working poor attendees all suffer together as a community under crystal chandeliers and silken table cloths and fine china and silverware settings and crystal wine glasses with hardwood dance floors and a deluxe video and sound systems? “Raise the wage!”


Featured speaker? Kevin Page, the former taxpayer-paid Parliamentary Budget Officer. I’m not saying this says anything about his political leanings, but personally, I would not speak at a far-left rally. No matter what job I have or had. Ever.

Kevin Page
Kevin Page
Charles Demers
Charles Demers

The emcee? A patron of… guess who! The state-owned, taxpayer-paid CBC. Charles Demers, whose Twitter account profile reads like this: “Comedian; Author; Shrill Leftist; Creative Writing teacher; CBC’s The Debaters.

Strangely not at all strangely, the CCPA is sneaky here too. Here’s their description of Demers in their email to me, in which they leave out “Shrill Leftist,” together with “Creative Writing Teacher”:

“…Charles Demers—comedian, writer, and regular on CBC Radio’s The Debaters…”

A teacher and left-wing CBC’er coming to the aid of a another far-left-wing organization? That’s not new. Funniest line in Demers’ Twitter timeline?

https://twitter.com/charliedemers/ [account suspended apparently].

So the CCPA does another head-fake, this time presenting the alternative reality that having this CBCer as an emcee is a new thing this year.

Wikipedia entry for state-owned CBC’s The Debaters?


I watched some video episodes of The Debaters, and found them to be exactly like the rest of the state-owned CBC. Asinine.  Here’s a line from the host of one episode of The Debaters, or Masturbators, or whatever they call themselves over there at the state-owned CBC, Steve Patterson:

CBC_Orb“It’s our celebration of CBC’s 75th anniversary! Yeah! That’s right! But CBC looks pretty good for 75, dontchathink? [tepid applause]  I think it looks like a ‘MILF’.”

Let me pause at this point in the taxpayer-paid CBC excitement, to explain to you what a “MILF” is, especially for those of you who aren’t regularly engaged in pig-like smut-talk and aren’t engaged in CBC’s apparent war against women. According to pigs, assholes, and as described in Wikipedia, “MILF” stands for this:


The CBC anchor then went on to say:

CBC_Orb“Or as the Conservatives call her, ‘Mother I’m Loathe To Fund’.” [tepid audience laughter]

So will I attend? Yeah I might because $90 each is totally affordable for a conservative like me and my wife even after the mass-transit fares for the 2-hour bus trip to get there (a few miles away), and of course the sitter for our family of unicorns.

If you’re thinking of going, don’t forget this:

Thank you for your support. Tax receipts will be issued in early 2015 for a portion of the ticket price and the full amount of any donation.

Your tax dollars at work.

Vote liberal.

Joel Johannesen
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