The Liberals keep getting revealed for what they are. 

Regular readers know that I call the state-run CBC the “CBC division of the Liberal Party”, and the Supreme Court of Canada the “Supreme Court of Canada division of the Liberal Party”. 

Of course I always knew that the Liberal Party made all the appointments to run those organizations, and I knew full well that they only appointed liberals.  But I never knew it was in exchange for working for or doing “favours” for the Liberal Party if Canada.  This is what passes for democracy in a banana republic. 

So it seems the Liberals not only gave liberal-friendly ad firms cashola, but judges got their jobs in much the same way—by kissing Liberal butt.  The Liberals literally, it would seem, made prostitutes of its citizens.  THAT, my friends is what Liberals think of people—like you.

THAT, my friends, is “Their Canada”.  Literally theirs, they think! 

Read the words and it’s a little troubling.  But are you like me?  Do you try to imagine what we DON’T know?

And let’s remember:  Liberal Prime Minister Paul (“we lead the world”) Martin appointed the latest two Supreme Court judges just prior to the gay marriage decision.  I wonder how that came about. 

The Toronto Star (begrudgingly, no doubt) reports:

New Liberal bombshell drops
Former organizer says judgeships used as rewards
Vows to provide further details at Gomery inquiry

A former senior Liberal organizer fingered as the man who demanded cash payments from the ad firm Groupaction has fired back with explosive allegations that a small network of party chieftains doled out contracts, sponsorship deals and judicial appointments to Liberal stalwarts in exchange for their work on election campaigns.

The new claims, which threaten to inflame an already tense Parliament Hill, were broadcast last night on Radio-Canada even as Prime Minister Paul Martin’s aides worked on a statement that is to be delivered on national television tonight.


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