Conservatives Need Their Campus Rebels

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The Article

Guess what, freshman conservative college student? In a couple of weeks you’re going to have your liberal campus and its professors shove more crap down your throat than Rosie does her gullet during Chili’s Monday Night Nacho Monster Blowout Special, that’s what.

Are you ready?

Now, I’m not trying to make you fearful, sweetie. I just want you to brace for the liberal Kool-Aid crunch that is coming soon to a classroom near you. The stuff mommy warned you about is true. The reality is you are entering the Liberal’s madrasah. Your values, for the next four years, will be violated much like Linsday Lohan’s nose, liver, Mercedes and panties have been for the last five years.

Given this milieu, you’ve got essentially three options to choose from when you’re confronted with the liberal hooey.

The options are:

1. You can drink the campus Kool Aid and do the Dhimmocratic do-si-do.

2. You can run from the conflict to a likeminded conservative ghetto group and hide on the curb with your little cowering crowd.

3. You and your concurring buddies can get prepped and be a conservative crew that enters campus life and joyfully, earnestly and courageously challenges the purveyors of the anti-American propaganda.

Door number three, as far as I’m concerned, is the only righteous choice. As I was entering my university years, I was (and still am) a kick butt and take names type of guy. Absorption and separation were not options for me (still aren’t). I wanted to change things when I was at school, and I had a blast mixing it up on my campus back in the day which, by the way, has paved the way for a pretty cool life. Excuse me while I relish in the fruits of my labor. . . . Okay, I’m back.

Look, given the slop the US is currently saddled with, if you, the young person, have an inkling of concern for our country, then an informed, entertaining and incendiary infiltration of your institute is the only answer. (How’s that for alliteration?) Isn’t that what college and youth are all about, namely, rebellion? Isn’t teenage angst all about hell raising—or in your case, hell razing? C’mon, Nancy . . . don’t you want to get rowdy?

Young squab, if you are a Conservative/traditionalist then you are the rebel of our day. Yes, the times they are a changin’? (Have changed). “The Man” and “The Machine” on campus to rage against is not stodgy traditionalism, but rank secularism and its moral and political vacuity. Meet the new boss, James Dean.

For those new students who wish to make a dent on their campus, not only for their sake but for the following generations, I have 10 things you must get if you want to absolutely screw with the asinine screwballs at your University. To be an effective agent of change you’ve got to do the following:

1. Get a sense of humor.

2. Get creative.

3. Get tough.

4. Get prayerful.

5. Get rebellious.

6. Get informed.

7. Get speakers to your campus that’ll fire up your base.

8. Get sharp looking.

9. Get your grades up.

10. Get your hands dirty.

To be continued…

Doug Giles

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