To Canadian liberals like Conservative Party busy-bodies Geoff Norquay and Peter MacKay, tripe like this, found at the state-owned CBC website, seems to be perfectly fine:

“No sympathy whatsoever for this guy or any other soldier killed in Afghanistan. You want to go play with guns and go to foreign countries to murder innocent people? Then this is what you deserve.  And before all you neo-cons out there start telling me to show respect for people ‘guarding my freedom’ and other such nonsense, save it.  The soldiers are nothing but common war criminals…”
— reader comment by “Communist4Ever” to a news article about Canadian soldiers being killed in Afghanistan

But they go ballistic when a comedian on a purposely over-the-top comedy show broadcast at 3:00 AM to a tiny audience —on Fox News Channel (and the source is absolutely key, here) —rightly mocks one of the stupidest comments I’ve ever heard by any military imageleader of any military on Earth. (The Canadian Lt. General said — in public — that Canada’s military will need to take “a break” in July 2011, to rest, and get some more personnel and military equipment, since, he admitted, we’ll be running out by then.  Seriously. He said that.  To the world.  Hey Osama, let’s strike Canada during their previously arranged and publicly announced national defence break time!  It’ll be even easier!).

Then they’re offended enough to speak out  —against the Fox News Channel joker.  And demand that Canadians cancel their Fox News Channel subscriptions in protest.

“Isn’t this the perfect time to invade this ridiculous country? They have no army,” FNC’s Greg Gutfeld jokingly quipped at 3:00 AM.  Which turns out to be sort of spot-on rather than merely joke-y.  Liberals—many Canadians generally—don’t get all indignant when lies are told about them—they hate it when the truth is told.  That’s when they go ballistic.

Instead of correcting the insane lack of defence information that we as a nation have just betrayed to International Terrorist HQ, or God forbid demanding apologies from the sacred CBC, Conservative Party front men (men?) Geoff Norquay and Peter MacKay, as if on cue, choose to whine like belligerent little girls when an American (and moreover, Fox News Channel) comedian, whose profession is precisely to be crass and biting as possible and whose reputation is precisely for making the most bombastic statements of sarcastic, un-serious rhetoric on television, rightly mocks Canada for its military spokesman’s idiotic and nationally embarrassing remark (and “early learning” for terrorists —wink!).  It’s like Bizarro World.

And as if to purposely mock themselves and Conservatives and Canada generally even further, the ever so offended Conservative spokesmen demand an apology to Canada, and of course in addition, in protest, suggests that all Canadians cancel their subscriptions to Fox News Channel — the only even remotely conservative-friendly — and pro-military—network available to North Americans.

How embarrassing for the Conservatives.  And all of us.

I have a better idea.  I think instead of canceling Fox News Channel subscriptions, Canadians should all cancel their Conservative Party memberships and refuse to re-join or contribute their cash until they get rid of picayune effetes like Geoff Norquay—and many other ineffectual losers just like them in the party—and become a party with balls and brains, and one which employs people who keep a little busier with important work instead of liberal-populist busy-body tripe.  (Sadly we can’t cancel our CBC subscriptions because the CBC-supporting Conservative government maintains the legal mandate that all Canadians, by rule of law, pay for—and receive for no extra cost by cable and satellite providers—the leftist CBC and its leftist propaganda.  We’re not allowed to cancel the CBC.  And they’re fine with that).

Ever so offended Defence Minister Peter McKay says of this comedian and his purposely ridiculous words on Fox News Channel at 3:00 AM:  “It’s crass, it’s insensitive, it’s in fact disgusting given the timing where Canada is just receiving back four fallen heroes here at CFB Trenton” … and added that the Canadian government will be demanding an apology from the panel and from Fox.  Did he just read a book called “How to Bait a Comedian”?

So I have another better idea:  Let’s demand an apology from Defence Minister Peter MacKay, and all governments who up to this point have allowed our military to rust-out and fall short to the point where we need to take a “break”.

And hey, maybe Mr. Sensitive could demand an apology from the truly idiotic CBC for allowing that hateful extremist garbage on that web site!  Nah.  I know.  Too ballsy.  Too not “moderate” to criticize such yummy leftist hateful and utterly, truly, unfunny anti-Canadian bullcrap.  Maybe also too revealing of even that ounce of pro-Canadian conservatism.  And most importantly, not at all appeasing to Canada’s liberals and leftists and anti-Americans and the other effete Canadians just like him.

These liberals are an embarrassment to me and my country. They demean Canada more than Fox News Channel’s Greg Gutfeld, the target of their faux, righteous indignation and manufactured outrage ever could, because Gutfeld is joking, and they’re serious.  (Gutfeld has, by the way, apologized nonetheless.  Too bad.  I’d have counseled otherwise).

What a bunch of hypocritical blowhards the Canadian Conservatives have become—and maybe even most Canadians—under the “leadership” of liberals who now surround us, like liberal Conservatives-in-name-only Geoff Norquay, and Peter McKay, and liberalvision like the CTV and all the other media covering this non-story (and they all are).

Cancel your Conservative Party memberships.  Subscribe to Fox News Channel.  It’s the best channel in Canada.


Wanna be worm McKay
Too late.  I stopped supporting the CPC some time ago.  Indeed, ever see the titles of some CBC programming – slamming the US for secret CIA prisons, slamming GWB, ect….Apparently we don’t need to have a spine in Canada.  Sure what Gutfeld said was ignorant on the face of it, but what liberal anti-FNC operative dug this up?  Surely only 2 Canadians even watched that episode of Red Eye.  I am far more disgusted by McKay’s feigned outrage than Gutfeld’s comments.

It is rather petty for McKay to bully a private business into an apology.  It would have been different if we were taking about someone in the US Cabinet or maybe even the Congress.  Is McKay gonna use the powers of the CRTC and Human Rights Commissions him and Harper will not get rid of to hunt down every comedian that slams Canada.  He will be as busy as Richard Warman.

I actually think this story was drug up to get Shaw or Rogers to dump FNC.

Jason B
Victoria, BC

your rant

That rant pretty much strips this whole bit of nonsense down to its core.
Have not seen anything even remotely close anywhere in the MSM.  Thanks.

Ward B

effete blowhards

I agree that’s it’s an embarrassing over reaction. I don’t believe this was directed at our soldiers so much as government and politicians. It was distasteful, rude and poorly timed but so what. If nobody said anything only a few thousand people would have heard it in the first place. For so many conservatives to fall for this as well as a Conservative government is just as shameful. And as you note Joel after all of what we are exposed to on a daily basis from the likes of the CBC and Heather Mallick for example to no outrage at all from our Conservatives or anyone else in this country besides us out of touch knuckle draggers like ourselves.

My son just returned from his deployment and has lost 2 friends in the last three weeks.  So don’t anyone get the idea I don’t understand or know what I’m talking about in regard to people serving. Canadians have proven once again our people that serve in our military are heroes and the rest are wankers.

I stopped sending cheques to the CPC quite some time ago. I will only donate to conservative causes. And the CPC hardly qualifies.

Liberal wankers whine and cry about such things. I don’t expect it from Conservatives or conservatives. Does anybody wonder why we have so much problem? Testicles are in very short supply in Canada. Our ancestors would be ashamed of us and so should we.

Dan C_______