The far-left, state-owned CBC news channel just got through promoting — no, not merely “reporting” — I do mean promoting — yet another one of the left-wing advocacy reports from the far-left Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, this morning.  Their reporting on this is being repeated ad nauseam throughout the day.  At your expense. 

The state-owned, socialism-reliant CBC once again uncritically reports, verbatim, a quote from a very far-left socialist group (though the CBC doesn’t indicate its extreme left position on the political spectrum), and its socialist propaganda.  And they’re doing it using visual devices like this for emphasis.  Note that according to the “report,” reducing taxes is bad; and “all Canadians depend” on government social services.

  That organization, the CCPA, is, as most of us at this web site know by now thanks only to me and not the CBC, which refuses to tell you the whole truth, a very far-left group.  As I always tell you and the CBC doesn’t, the “Alternative” that they refer to in their name is actually socialism.  This is the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing if ever there was one. It’s Fabian socialism, is what it is. It’s not a mere coincidence that the “logo” for the Fabian socialists is, in fact, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Their collective effort (and I do use the word “collective” advisedly) is, I think, to try to help make the far-left socialists and socialism, writ large, seem totally mainstream and unremarkable.  As a perfectly normal and politically unremarkable state of affairs.  Which of course it is not.  It actually represents the far left fringe in free democracies like Canada which were (as those of us who weren’t taught in today’s public schools all know) founded on capitalist, free market principles and free enterprise; and a great deal of personal and family responsibility and reliance; and faith and Judeo-Christian values; instead of a near total reliance on government and its social-engineering, as the progressives advocate. 

Now unless you’re one of those who think that socialism isn’t the extreme far-left of politics in this country or any other (I mean say you’re a Stalinist or a Marxist or Maoist or some other brand of murderous, totalitarian, authoritarian, militarist communism, and so socialism is a normal state of affairs or a part of the transition to the ultimate, inevitable goal), socialism is by any standard “the far left”.  It’s the furthest left, really. 

If I’m wrong, please inform me.  Comment using your real, full name, and location, any time. 

So it’s worth pointing all of that out to the folks, especially on what, if I’m being very generous, is a supposedly “mainstream” newscast, on a state-owned media news channel.  Right?  I mean when your whole lengthy story is entirely based on regurgitating exactly what the socialists have put out, it’s worth mentioning something about their being a far-left (extremest, really, but they reserve that word for tea party grandmothers) socialist organization.  Right?  It’s the source of your whole report! 

If I’m wrong, once again let me know. 

Well I’m wrong according to the state-owned CBC. 

Once again, as they always do, the CBC anchors and reporters, in positively and uncritically discussing this latest propaganda coming out of the far-left CCPA, refer to this left-wing organization only as …. the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, assigning it absolutely no political or economic label whatsoever.  Ever.  Not once in the multiple times they’ve repeated this story, using different anchors and reporters, so far today.  Not once have they said the word “socialist”.  Not once. 

So this is not news.  This is left-wing propaganda.  On the state-owned media, which you’re paying for.  Right now.

At best, when the CBC does attach a political label to that group (in, for example, its online articles), the state-owned media allows the CCPA to define itself (which it does by calling itself a “progressive” organization, of course, as any Fabian socialist wolf would).  However when the CBC mentions the Fraser Institute, which it does as infrequently as it can, they are very careful to warn — and I do read it as a warning by them to Canadians — that the Fraser Institute is a “right-wing” (or some such) organization.  They might even repeat that a couple or more times to ensure that you, the viewer or reader, take whatever the Institute is touting (which is only normal freedom and free markets and free enterprise, and yes, that’s perfectly normal), with a huge grain of salt. 

The effort in that case is to marginalize them as the outcasts and as the fringe, in juxtaposition to the socialists, whom they would like you to view as normal and mainstream. 

It’s a bare minimal journalistic requirement to properly inform readers and viewers that your entire report, which is wholly based on that far-left-wing group’s report, is rooted in their far-left socialist thinking and advocacy.  Don’t you think Canadians deserve to know that?  Wouldn’t that be “Knowing More,” as the state-owned CBC news advertises itself?

Let me know.  And oh hey, maybe let them know.  They apparently don’t know that yet.  They’re all about the knowing more. 

So it’s another co-op Fabian socialist effort between the 100% state-owned, taxpayer-funded, socialism-reliant CBC, and a left-wing advocacy group which advocates for socialism.  What are you going to do about it?  I’ve done my bit. 

You still sitting there?  Not even a comment about it? 

Fantastic.  It’s working then.  Congratulate them on the way out.

State-owned media should be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our constitution.  There should be a constitutional distinction made to ensure a separation of media and state.  There is nothing more dangerous than the confluence of media and state.

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