CBC and extreme pornography - good read at CRTC

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Note: This is a bit of an update to my previous blog entry about this story, which I started HERE.


After bringing your attention to all the extreme pornography unwittingly made available at an NDP-affiliated Young NDP web site a couple days ago, I get to do it again.  This time it’s from the big state-regulator, the CRTC, and the extreme pornography wasn’t unwittingly presented—it was done on purpose—as I mentioned yesterday in a blog entry. 

Now, here’s some of the words the CRTC had to write about none other than the state media—the state-run and state-owned and state-funded CBC—and a show they broadcast during prime time when children were watching TV the other day.  Try to keep in mind that they’re talking about the CBC:

Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2007-388

[…] The Commission has viewed the program and notes that scenes of nudity appear frequently throughout the half-hour broadcast: front and back views of nude women, explicit sexual relations, covers of pornographic magazines, scenes from the Internet of nudity and explicit sexuality (e.g., fellatio), and the actual filming of a pornographic movie (explicit sexual relations, scenes of female clitoral masturbation, cunnilingus, etc.). In these last scenes, although the vaginas and rectums of the actors are blacked out, the sexual activity is nonetheless explicit.[…]

In one of my more recent blog entries, I exposed the CBC’s show in which they displayed vaginas and penises—the penis bouncing about in extreme slo-mo to appeal to I’m-not-sure-whom!—at 7:00 PM Pacific daylight time.  I presented some screen-captures (duly blurring the sex organs for your viewing tolerance).  Even the host of the “documentary” injected herself into the story and stripped totally naked and filmed herself for you the taxpayer in a variation on tree-hugging (nude hugging with leg instead of arm) —at the 7:00 PM time slot. 

In other blog entries (some linked from that recent post), they expose the CBC which chose to display at least one bare, shaved vagina (from the front and rear), and all other parts of course, in an “art” flick presented online.  Available to all. Plus several other flicks which contain full-frontal nudity, and a demonstration of a young man getting his balls waxed—all filmed by CBC folks, for you the taxpayer. Available to all. Anytime.

The current CRTC citation concerns the French-language version of the state-run media, and particularly its “Fric show”.  They conclude in their report:

The Commission expects the CBC to ensure that the scheduling of programs containing sexually explicit material or other mature subject matter intended for adult audiences is consistent with the broadcast industry standard requiring that such material be broadcast after 9 p.m. The Commission will review the CBC’s compliance with this obligation at the next licence renewal.

They’ve actually been warned before by the CRTC, for doing almost exactly the same thing.  Clearly, they have failed to comply.  They should lose their license. 

State-owned and state-run media should be banned in this country, and that notion should be enshrined in our constitution.

Joel Johannesen
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