Monday, April 19, 2021
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Conservative viewpoints are still allowed this week.
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Grabher is a “Nova Scotia man”

The problem isn't that he's a Nova Scotia man of course. It is that he's a man. I have a funny feeling that if Lorne...

So no more useless “trade” junkets to China or anywhere else? Good.

The city of Halifax has joined other radical leftist-run cities like London England and Los Angeles in declaring a "climate emergency." This will of course...

NDP MP links 9/11 truthers with the supposed shameful “climate deniers,” and “anti-choicers”

You know how they say it's the coverup, rather than the crime, that get politicians into trouble? Here's a twist on that. NDP MP Megan...

Nova Scotia dumps socialist party for less socialist party

Nova Scotians not only "dumped" the socialists, but flushed them right out of the house. Sadly, they were using one of those "low-flow" toilets...

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