Nova Scotians not only “dumped” the socialists, but flushed them right out of the house. Sadly, they were using one of those “low-flow” toilets so beloved by the left, and therefore remnants were left behind.

The socialist party’s leader and several top NDP cabinet ministers such as Justice, Education and Energy, failed to win their seats back. I love it when that happens. Yes a mere seven seats were won by the far-leftists of the NDP.

That’s seven seats too many. I’m not sure what went wrong with the less socialists’ messaging, to enable (or “empower,” as I’m sure is their preferred verbiage) the socialists to win even seven seats. The Liberals should Stephen McNeil“begin a conversation” about that to ensure it never happens again, and the NDP is entirely wiped-out next time. I’m sure they will say only that they intend to “begin a conversation” with the NDP. Because that’s how progressives roll.

The opposition will be the Progressive Conservative party, or what most people will mistakenly call “the Conservative” party. I will go ahead and call all parties with “Progressive” as their first and foremost half of their name, the “Progressive” party.  And by the way, that party should take no comfort in their position as the opposition party, since in fact the socialists won more votes (fewer seats but more popular votes) than the Progressives.

So all told, I’m glad the far left socialists were booted out of office so forcefully.  And I am “empowered”(!) by  the Liberal leader’s promise to end Nova Scotia’s socialist ownership and monopoly over the province’s power generation industry. His plan is to open the market, and allow private power producers to sell directly to customers. All provinces should follow his lead. And then they should join together and move to end all other state-ownership of businesses, including the health care juggernaut.

But I will end on this (even more) dour note: Liberal leader and premier designate Stephen McNeil campaigned in Nova Scotia with Justin Trudeau.

Drops mic.


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