Why would state-owned CBC spy on me?

Ah the CBC, where once again they see fit to publicly pontificate on political affairs. Yeah that’s right, the state-owned media offers opinions on politics, in order to shape how we think politically. No this is not North Korea, but Canada.

Here’s a tweet from one of the state-owned CBC’s 8,000 Twitter accounts  —  this one notably the (hint!) “CBCPolitics” Twitter account —  this morning (and this is “NEWS,” not OPINION):

As if they, as we, all don’t know. But hey, as long as it makes the Conservatives look suspicious and nasty!

I’m not sure if this is a phony display of high dudgeon from the CBC overlords, who feign this great curiosity and indignance only when a conservative is in power, as if Canadian spying began in 2006; or if it’s a banal attempt to appear erudite, and educate Canadians.

But here’s a more interesting question: how does the CBC really feel about monitoring others that are seen as competition or as threatening in some way? Well thanks for asking, me, this gives me an excuse to re-tell you this story:

Back in the day, on this web site, I used to make YouTube videos (actually I think it was even before YouTube was a big thing) criticizing and outright mocking the CBC  —   mostly for its horribly pro-left and anti-right biased news coverage.  I was making a very strong critical point. Too strong for them.

That ultimately led to them emailing me, telling me that they  —  the state-owned CBC  —  would be “monitoring this site.”

”…Many people say that Sarah Palin really EMBODIES the sort of TOXIC CULTURE of the talk… and that that talk is now PROVING to be DANGEROUS that it at least must share part of THE BLAME for what happened…”
”…Many people say that Sarah Palin really EMBODIES the sort of TOXIC CULTURE of the talk… and that that talk is now PROVING to be DANGEROUS that it at least must share part of THE BLAME for what happened…”

In my critical videos, I used seconds-long clips of the CBC, which I’d captured on my evil accomplice, my computer equipment, to exemplify the bias. (I now call my ‘puter “007.”)

Well that freaked them out. It’s bad enough that I used my site for truthful, critical typed-out analysis of them, and made my ever so wild accusations about their Susan Bonner, who actually declared in her “news report” that “Sarah Palin … must take part of the blame” for the shooting of Representative Gabrielle Giffords. Or that I typed madly about their haughty political blowhard Neil MacDonald, who exhibits his hate-on for conservatives all day long by, for example, “reporting” that tea party folks are a “freak show.”  But showing my audience actual video clips of the CBC in action, using their own words and revealing their own noticeable sneers whenever they said “George Bush,” well that blew their minds. Truth hurts, as we know.

So in 2006, via an email sent by a CBC “official” through the contact link at this web site, they threatened to “monitor this website.”

Why would the state-owned CBC spy on me?

They presumed to school me about my rights, to wit:

“… You are completely entitled to your negative view of the CBC, but not to steal our content.” …

“Stealing their content,” huh? Really? Well at least they did authorize me to have a negative view of the CBC. That’s big of them. They are apparently ignorant of all the rest of my rights. But then I expect very, very little of them.

I was protecting my interests, and that of millions of other Canadians. That’s what they’re afraid of.

They were and are afraid that I expose the CBC and its horrendous bias to the rest of Canada, and doing it so effectively. I was sparking outrage from many Canadians who did not have a lot of outlets to voice their disgust with that far-left-wing behemoth which they were forced to pay for with their own tax dollars, so that the CBC could work against their own beliefs and interests.

The CBC followed that threatening email with legal papers written-up by the state-owned CBC’s giant state-paid legal team, delivered right to my door  —  my house  —  threatening to sue for $20,000 per video occurrence (and there were lots), whether I take the videos down or not.

I’m not sure how they found out where I lived. It creeps me out that they even looked for my home address.

That show of force or attempt at “shock and awe” by the state-owned CBC goon squad just made me more determined. Their line “we will be monitoring your site” does give me the excuse to call them jerks every now and again, sure that they’ll see it. So, hi CBC! Have a nice day, at my expense, jerks! 

Joel Johannesen
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