CBC: “Many people say that Sarah Palin … must share part of the BLAME!”

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The Article

Over footage of Sarah Palin on the campaign trail, and right after footage of every single tea party rally sign held by one of the inevitable fanatics (which are mostly found at left-wing rallies)…
Reporter Susan Bonner “reports” from Washington:

“There’s a lot of focus on Sarah Palin now! …  She, on her web site, put TWENTY DISTRICTS IN CROSSHAIRS! In the GUN SIGHTS!  Saying that these were districts that the Republicans had to win back…!”

Having already hit bottom, she dug deeper:

”…Many people say that Sarah Palin really EMBODIES the sort of TOXIC CULTURE of the talk… and that that talk is now PROVING to be DANGEROUS that it at least must share part of THE BLAME for what happened…”

But don’t worry, for impeccable balance, while she didn’t mention any of the myriad idiots on the progressive and far left who spew hate and vitriol all day long, including the hate and vitriol coming from her own employer’s web site, she then allowed that some on “the right” are pushing back, and are actually denying those charges as leveled against them — by those “many people”, we are to assume — but not the CBC, we are to understand, hilariously.  Denying it, they are!  Denying it!  Well for the love of…

Next CBC story: “VICTORY for gay rights in Saskatchewan…!”  Courts there will force every marriage commissioner to embrace gay ‘marriages’ and damn well ‘marry’ them no matter what they think about it. 

See more on the shooting here:

•  Bang.  CBC with news article today about their man Ignatieff:

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