Controlling left-wing vitriol and hate; And in defense of my “use your real name” commenting policy

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Two days of reading, watching, listening and writing about the Arizona shooting mayhem, and I’ve almost forgotten about that genius Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, who’s going on a tour this new year, to “target” (their words!) several Conservative ridings.  Betcha he’ll be reloading his unpopular stand on the long gun registry, notwithstanding it making not a bit of difference — by which I mean neither he, nor his registry — make a bit of difference. 

But speaking of progressives who are anonymous or might as well be, it was only partially to control the incessant left-wing hate and lies and vitriol and vicious personal attacks, that I decided to make this site, and others, sites where you could only comment using your real, and proven to be real, full name and real email address.  It was always pretty quiet here, but it has turned VERY quiet in here since then.  Of course I’ve replaced my house windows with bullet-proof glass, but otherwise everything’s cool. 

I know of several public commentators who agree with my decision, including former Conservative MP and minister, the good Monte Monte SolbergSolberg (read his column “Web comments sections drip with poison”).  Another one is the author of some best-selling books which speak to using the right words in politics and business, Frank Luntz.  He had this to say, today, about anonymous commenters and the Arizona shooting:  comments commonly found at the far-left’s Huffington Post, Daily Kos, and —all sites with plenty of hate and anti-conservative vitriol, were largely a result of posters being anonymous.  Well, left-wing, I would add, and anonymous. 

Here’s a quick write-up by Tucker Carlson’s excellent “The Daily Caller” website, who made the above video of Luntz’s interview with Don Imus on Fox Business Network:

Pollster Frank Luntz goes after

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