Canadians side with Liberals on Grewal affair.

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The Article

…Oh and also they think the Conservatives are to blame for Adscam.

“If the Conservatives weren’t trying to abscond with the reigns of power in this country, we Liberals wouldn’t have to resort to these tactics,” an unknown sourced said in my mind last night. 

Another Liberal source explained to my mind that Conservatives also started “that whole 9/11 thing” but added “them Americans had it coming”.

Decima told respondents: “The Liberals say that Mr. Grewal approached them and asked for an appointment. Mr. Grewal says it was the other way around.”

Pollsters asked the question: “Whom do you believe more?

The survey of 1,000 respondents was conducted June 2-5.

The poll by Decima Research said 25 per cent of respondents sided with the Liberals, compared to 23 per cent who said they believed Grewal.

“It has not worked as an effective attack on the Liberals,” said Decima’s Bruce Anderson.

I wonder what might have happened if Decima told respondents:  “The Conservatives laid some phoney BS on us about the Liberals approaching that slimy Grewal fellow first—do you believe that crap?”

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