“Can you just imagine if a conservative said it?!”—Game #3

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The Article

Just now, Abortion Party Frenchman Stephane Dion was asked about his stance on abortion:

“I’m pro-life, I think I’m for the right of woman to choose…” 

So that’s clear!  He’s pro-life.  And he’s pro-choice.  “I think”.  Got it?  No?  D’oh!  Abort! 

Then in case you thought he was clear as mud on that answer, he instructed you:  “I’m clear!”.

And then the wily one added that Layton was clear too, and so was May.  Only one person wasn’t clear about that though—can you guess who?…. (yadda yadda BS BS crapspeak nonsense intellectually dishonest garbage liberalspeak….)

But don’t worry: not a gaffe.  He’s “progressive”.  He’s pro-clarity

All together now!  Can you just imagine if a conservative said it?!

As Dion knows only too painfully well, but because he’s too much of a liar and an intellectually dishonest power-monger, the Conservative Party is officially pro-choice, as all the major Canadian parties are, and is against enacting any laws against the liberal-created “Canadian Value” of abortion.  And Harper has said as much, countless times.  Much to my dismay. 

Let me also add that abortion is the most disgusting thing ever thought of by humans, and any politician who mugs for the camera and proudly proclaims that they’re in favor of limitless abortion rights—as Dion is—is disgusting to me beyond words. 


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