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The Article

It’s not as if I have to tell YOU folks this, but usually the best analysis of any situation comes not necessarily from ME, but from amongst….. you.  I know it, and most people agree, I’m sure. 

That’s why I like reading the comments so much.  I wish there were more!

This one was from “The Patriot” in this blog entry: “Harper now calls for election”

Martin is asking the RCMP to investigate this mess for evidence of criminality! A hint that there is even a remote possibility that someone, anyone will be held accountable (other than a minimum wage clerk somewhere)? Excuse me while I ha…ha..ha…ha, laugh my arse off.  Chretien appointed the present RCMP Commissioner, and Martin will be responsible for appointing the next one. The same sordid, unaccountable one-man appointment process is used with all of our federal Judges.  Go figure!  Chretien and Martin appointed the whole damn works.  Justice in Canada? (snicker…sorry) Not in anyone’s lifetime who is reading this blog.

I’m sure if The Patriot had access to my Bananada icon, he’d have placed it there, so I’ll do it for him.

Welcome to Bananada

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