Your Tax Dollars… being pissed away: CBC advises women to pee outside like men

This caught my eye because of my just-completed bathroom renovation (read all about it here! — with photos!):

Gone to the Bathroom

The state-owned CBC has a different idea: Its “Parenting” guide (yup, the state-owned CBC does that too!) suggests that you women should go ahead and take a piss outdoors if you need to go. (For some reason they brought this article back from the year 2020. They really mean to encourage this — and given it’s in their “Parenting” guide, to encourage your daughters to piss just anywhere too!)

Your tax dollars at work? Or being pissed away? Spoiler: it’s the latter. And fill in your other excrement-adjacent jokes here.

Next up: women should now just poo on the street too, instead of using a washroom like dumb civilized humans. Neanderthal is the new “modern liberal woman.”

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