Wrong choice, wrong answer: the latest in stuff that’s going weirdly wrong in Canada.

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The Article

Trudeau Liberals’ latest move in the allegations of China Communist Party collusion with Canadian political parties (or what I like to call the Trudeau Liberal Party Chinese Communist Party Election Interference Corruption Scandal-Gate), is to appoint the one guy who might — might — at first glance, be seen, at least for twenty seconds, as the perfect non-partisan choice as Trudeau’s, er, um, “Special Rapporteur.” David Johnston (notwithstanding one prominent news reporter referring to him repeatedly as David Johnson).

SIDEBAR: I’ve noted several times on Twitter how the very term “Special Rapporteur” is so pretentious, so unctuous, so obnoxious to the average Canadian, that deciding on it was itself a snub of sorts to Canadians. Only an out-of-touch elitist or an outright lout would come up with such a hoity-toity term and expect Canadians to just breeze over it, be awed, and then glom onto it. Old political friend WakeUpCanada! Jo (@JoanneBLY) put it perfectly on Twitter today:

I gotta admit at first I was pleased that at least his pick wasn’t as I expected: another Trudeau Foundation groupie, once again (see any number of articles about former Trudeau Foundation head Morris Rosenberg being picked — by Trudeau — to write a report supposedly assuring us that previous elections were totally aces… and then articles about the Trudeau Foundation having to give back $200,000 in donations from Communist Party linked goombas — only after the Twittersphere cottoned onto the corruption). But then yeah. Oops. As we all know only too well by now, Johnston is… yet another Trudeau Foundation member who is, therefore, inherently all too aware of all that beauty of a donation from the Commies.

It took the non-me Twitter about 20 seconds to find all manner of problems with this choice of David Johnston, notwithstanding his GG-ship under the auspices of Harper. It’s like Trudeau doesn’t know the internet exists. Or hopes we don’t know. We already know he and his cabinet don’t have the foggiest clue how Google works, but really. Maybe he could have tweeted his bud Gerry Butts, who is utterly obsessed with Twitter, and he could have clued him in.

Other videos depict Johnston heaping praise on Chinese dictator Xi on some of his visits to China, and telling the Chinese that China is like “home” to him.

All in all, it’s not a great record for a guy who is supposedly “neutral” and unconflicted.

Nonetheless, it was first sold by Liberals and their media (but I repeat myself, yadda) as someone who must, surely, MUST be seen as perfectly impartial, because after all, and make no mistake this is The Only Important Thing, Conservative Stephen Harper appointed him as Gov-Gen! Ignore all those so-called “conflicts of interest facts” that are springing up like so many daffodils in spring! Harper y’all!

I’m leary. Maybe I’m cynical too. But I wonder what’s actually going on here. As I said, surely Trudeau knew this would come up even if he doesn’t know how Google works. Surely Johnston knew because he has 14 grandkids. Surely the Chinese, who know Johnston very well, knew. Surely the “news” media all knew because they spend half their day on Twitter getting the “news” from Liberal HQ, NDP HQ, and other lefty tweet sources. Are they really that secure in their positions? Are they now so emboldened and self-assured that Canada is now finally literally, firmly, under their thumbs and there ain’t a damn thing any of us stupids with “unacceptable views” on the right or in the center can do about it? Are they flipping us the bird and having a huge laugh along with Xi Jinping?

Half the battle, in sorting out this China/Liberal election and influence quagmire, is convincing Canadians to have — or to regain — their full faith in our governments, in our electoral system, in our institutions, and in the notion that Canada is secure against breaches to our personal and national security, and to our sovereignty, by malign Chinese Communist activists and spies, and those from Iran or any other malign country. And this won’t cut it. Nothing that they — the Liberals — and the “news” media* — have done thus far has done anything but prompt more suspicion and mistrust.

*Exceptions do apply in the news media quarters where much of this collusion has been revealed, in particular Global News and the Globe and Mail with assists from the National Post and Toronto Sun. 

Furthermore, I never liked the way the Libs and their “news” media division at Liberalvision CTV and the state-owned CBC division have crafted this narrative from the outset — from the moment they knew they had a Liberal Party problem. They shaped it into something so broad and all-encompassing that “China” and “Liberal Party” — which are both at the very foundation of this problem — were whitewashed (redwashed would be the better slogan reflecting both communist and Liberal colors). They couldn’t mention “Russia” and “Iran” enough, often even lying, as in the case of one NDP hack on the Security Committee, Peter Julian, about the Freedom Convoy enjoying copious Russian funding — in the midst of trying to get to the bottom of the China/Liberal question!

We know already that the Chinese Communists were interested primarily in getting Liberals elected, and they worked to get Conservatives defeated. And we have an idea of what they did to affect that. And we’ve seen some evidence that it worked, such as in Richmond, BC. So we need an independent public inquiry that delves specifically into Chinese Communist Party collusion with the Liberal Party itself, and its various lieutenants and government officials and lackeys; then, sure, also look at the CCP’s collusion with any other elected officials, candidates, or bureaucrats at any government level in every party. But start at the beginning. The “root cause” as Trudeau used to say, is Chinese Communist Party vis-a-vis the Liberal Party. Then branch out from there.

Johnston is going to be 82 in a couple of months. Lots of old people are perfectly astute and even at that age can handle a task of this magnitude — wherein quite literally, our nation’s future — its security and its sovereignty — could be a stake. He seems like a lovely man. But I have to question if Johnston wasn’t a little sleepy, or just trying too hard to be that nice guy, or something, when he agreed to do this when asked by his old family pal, Justin. I like to think that in a clearer moment, he might have realized that saying no was the obvious right answer, as, he might have explained, he had any number of obvious conflicts of interest, and moreover, given those conflicts and close family association, the citizenry could not possibly see this is the right way to secure or regain Canadians’ confidence and they would, in fact, mock it or rightly ridicule it.

Given that he decided to say yes instead of no right from the start, I have to question his judgment right from the get-go. I’ve already long completely given up on trusting any damn word Justin Trudeau utters.

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