Children Belong To Their Parents

I had to read the article three times because I thought, being the “news” media, they must have had it right, and I just wasn’t seeing it.

<pause for laughter>

But no, I read it right. And I’ll break the suspense. Here’s the headline:

Here’s the link, just so you know I’m not kidding:

I checked the calendar: no, not April 1st. So what gives?

Well, you read it. Here’s the pertinent part:

Yes, you read that right. This part kills me: “The comment drew an audible gasp from board chair Willow Reichelt, who apologized shortly after.” The feature picture for this article (atop the article) is what I imagine Reichelt looking like when someone says to her, I don’t know, something like, “the definition of a woman is… an adult female human being.” Or “trans women… are actually men.” Or any other true statement that doesn’t fit their warped ideology.

Apparently, school board chair Willow Reichelt recovered from her fainting spell, so all is well. Or is it? She seems to believe children are owned by — and should be propagandized with their woke, and often sexualized gay and trans ideology by — teachers, the school board or teachers’ union, and they just cannot fathom anyone thinking otherwise — you know, as a normal person thinks. This is how far left — how deep in that woke rabbit hole — how ensconced in their ideological bubble — these people are.

Heather Maahs has been fighting this fight for years now. If you ever get the chance, give her your support. She deserves a medal, rather than a censure from a bunch of left-wing woke numbskulls.

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